Piecing Together The East German Stasi’s Dark Past

(FEDERALJACK)   Twenty years after the opening of the vast archives left behind by the Stasi — communist East Germany’s despised intelligence service — thousands of collaborators are still being unmasked. Some of their names appear on lists that were hastily shredded in the regime’s dying days but a new digital program is helping to piece the scraps back together.


2 Responses to Piecing Together The East German Stasi’s Dark Past

  • Fools! All they had to do was wet the shredded paper and there’d be no chance of recovery…

  • These stasi informants will be blacklisted? What was their crime? They were only following orders under a legitimate regime, agreed upon by the allies after reparations of WWII. If communism were so unjust for the entire West, then why did Germany agree to allocation of East Germany to Russia? And- why did they wait nearly 20 years after the war to build the wall? Think about it, then ask yourself – was it really about reparations, or was it about conducting the largest ever, human experiment to see how westerners would adapt or respond to a sudden oppression and cessation of all of their basic and inalienable human rights. So it was a two-part experiment; how do you supress the freedoms of westerners, seemingly overnigh?. How do the people respond- do they fight back, give-in? And what are the tools required by the goverment to keep the citizens in order, under rule; what tools and methods are required to keep the people suppressed, ie spying, to keep the government in control of the people, etc? The truth of the matter is- the fall of the Berlin wall had nothing to do with the fall of communism, but rather the end of a fictitious cold-war era, whereby, the collusive powers of the East and West, come to the conclusion that they believe they have all of the conclusive data that is required to take the lab-experiment of East Berlin, on to a much larger, global scale.

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