Could these be the new currency, The Amero…?

jp-amero(FEDERALJACK)   These pictures were sent to me a little over two weeks ago.  Before posting them I made sure that I looked them over with extreme prejudice.  I have seen other photos of supposed Ameros before so I wanted to make sure these weren’t some crappy homemade hoax.  I have to tell you, after hours of checking them over, they look like the real deal.  A few examples of why I came to this conclusion are the water marks and the special light reactive paper they use to make the bills.  There are some shots of the money in natural light and you can see, under close inspection that the security features on our new 20’s and 5’s match up with the security features on the Amero’s.  You will notice the world bank logo in print and used as a watermark.  You will also notice the logo of the “North American Union”.    Don’t take my word for it, check them out yourself.  Take the time to look at them very carefully.  You can decide for yourself, but as for me, I believed they were real enough to post the photos.


These were sent to me, from a user of the site. He told me that the pics were taken by a friend of his who works at the Fed. The guy liberated them from work so he could take the pics and get them out. I would assume he put them back. As you can see some say sample across them. I don’t know if they are real, but if they are fake, the person did a good job. If you look at the ones that are in his hand and on the floor, you can see how the paper and the ink reacts to the natural light. That is something you can’t fake.

It’s the same security features that are in our new fiat money. I’m not saying yes or no, but I am saying they look real enough for me to post. The other shitty looking ones and the coins I never gave a shit about. I will upload them to our flickr account so you can download them and look at them in full size. You can see the watermarks and other details. Again, I don’t know if they are real, but they look real enough. You decide, believe me I would rather this be fake.  Some of the comments I have been reading say the Bankers wouldn’t be arrogant enough to put their faces on the money, are you kidding, look at all the other things they have done, why wouldn’t they do it?  Also I saw a comment about Canada not being representted, it is, look on every bill English, French, Spanish….all three languages.  Go to our Flickr account and download them for yourself.

Here is the link:

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  • After vigorous exam, these are either very well done by one who knows currency and Photoshop very well or the real deal. The “swagger” of the design and audacity leans me towards authenticity but you never know these days. Regardless, great find Pops! Keep up the good work.

  • Clearly these are fake, take a look at photo 9 / 17 and you will see distortions in the colors and in photoshop it all becomes even more clear that these are the fancy of a good imagination. I do like the touch of having JP Morgan on the 20 though. 7 out of 10.

  • Wouldnt they be referred to as Amero’s rather than dollers? I dont see it saying Amero anywhere on the bills.

    Pretty good fakes if they are. If not im fucking scared. It does have a few features that look similar to the Euro tho

  • it seems very unlikely that they are already giving the bills to someone to take home, or that anyone could steal them for that matter. leaks are usually photos from within a closed circle that are then let out, not the actual bills themselves on some guys door matt.

  • I don’t think the Federal Reserve would put pictures of Bankers (JP Morgan and John D. Rockefeller) on currency. Also the bills look like they were just printed out on a slightly thicker than normal paper and cut out. The designs are pretty impressive and the artist is talented but I don’t believe they’re real. My bet is that it’s the same artist that made the fake Amero coins a while back.

  • (ahem)
    Why not ask him?

    DD Bergman

  • I dont know. If these are indeed Ameros why does it still say “Dollars” instead of it saying Ameros?

  • FAKE!!!! Amero money are in coins not bills. Plus it would not say DOLLAR it would say AMERO. that is a dead give away that they are fake

  • Who knows if it is fake or not time will tell I have noticed that the pyramid is caped though!

  • Never saw it before. Probably someone’s wishful thinking. Could be a hoax, or someone experimenting with what the cash may look like one day. The number of men in the picture doesn’t really make sense to me. I would have expected other numbers besides 11. Too loose a reference to coordinate to 9/11. Who are those 11 men pictured? There is also no reference to any real governmental body, such as the US Treasury, other than a token mention of a “United Federation North America.” The Federal Reserve Act is mentioned below the picture, almost as if to declare some statutory authority. However, such a monetary union would likely have to be established via treaty, of which there is no mention at all. There is a “Free Trade and Recovery Act” mentioned, but again does not declare treaty authority.

    Charles S Hamlin was the first chairman of the Fed in 1914. Kinda strange to glorify a Fed chairman on the cash, but appropriate in the sense that it IS their money, and not the governments’. It’s almost like they are breaking the illusory connection between past presidents and the private funny-money federal reserve note. I notice the pyramid is complete too. The eye is no longer floating over the top, but finishes it, though it is no longer an eye here.

    Even with Bank of Canada and Bank of Mexico mentioned, there is still the old Federal Reserve name preserved on this funny note. It may as well be Bank of the US the way it’s entrenched. A token reference to french and spanish languages appear, though nothing significant – the US central bank is still the prominent institution on this funny note, thought the three country’s seals are lined up on the face of the note. The note now bears the signature of a Fed official instead of a govnernment official. I suppose the flag on the face of the note, albeit tiny, symbolically draws together the three nations, also symbolized by three stars next to Hamlin’s portrait.

    The words “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (New Order of the Ages) have been replaced with Novus Order Mundi (New World Order).

    I agree with W when he points out that this note has “One Dollar” printed upon it. Even the Euro coins have the word “Euro” minted on them, not “lira” or “franc,” etc, regardless of zone I believe.

  • Grow a brain guys. Yeah, they’re going to stick JP Morgan and John D Rockefeller on the notes and call it “The North American Union”. These are so freaking lame it’s a joke.

  • Check out the first picture in the post… look at the name spelling.

    Too bad the hoaxers spelled “John Pierpont Morgan” “John PIERPORT Morgan”.


  • the ameros real, wether or not those bills are is not known to me, but we are paying china off for the money the lent us in amero …. months ago

  • Some people will believe anything.
    I’ve been a graphic designer for 15 years. These are clearly fake. Yes, someone put a lot of time into them, but they’re fake.

    Did they think that by setting them on a table next to a pen they would convince people that they were real? Please.

    Spelling errors, thick paper, pictures of bankers. Please don’t go around telling people these are real. It’ll make patriots look retarded.


  • Not. First of all, anyone with a good knowledge of currency making can gin up some sample notes of just about anything. Second of all, the notes say Dollars and Federal Reserve Note, meaning they are not Ameros. Third of all, they wouldn’t dare put international banksters on their notes. They aren’t that brazen. So it’s a nice trick and a nice mockup. But that’s all it is. Remember, anybody with good knowledge can create sample currency. It’s really not rocket science, folks. Nothing to be scared about.

  • It doesn’t matter if it says Amero or not! Many countries besides the United States call their money Dollars such as Canada. The point is that the idea of a North American Union is very real although I think the people on the dollars would never be bankers because the bankers always want to trick the masses with fake patriotism so I think the images would be heroes of or from all three countries. So I think they are fake as well but don’t think the NAU is a laughing matter.

  • Dude, come on. His name isn’t John “Pierport” Morgan. Unless these are the very first, beta-test bills, there is no way these are real. And I agree with the commenter who said that banksters would never be the faces on these bills. Those guys like to operate in the shadows; they’d never want their pictures on money, even after they died!

    BTW this is coming from a guy who calls himself an avid conspiracy theorist – and I’m proud of it. Things happen because of conspiracies. If you don’t believe conspiracies exist, then you’re a Holocaust denier as well as a believer that Oswald acted alone. Those two events (The Holocaust and the JFK assassination) were both obviously the results of conspiracies. So, unless you think Hitler wasn’t trying to exterminate Jews AND that Oswald acted alone, you’re a conspiracy theorist too.

    Peace y’all

  • It has to be real, it’s on the internet! You just can’t fake this stuff.

  • I’m not buying it either.
    In addition to what others have said, I’ll add:
    If you look at the photo with the pen, you’ll notice the 100 partially laying on the 20 but you can clearly see the edge of the 20 underneath the 100.
    What was this printed on? that tissue paper you get when you buy a new shirt?

    Also, there’s nary a mention of Canada except on the edge of the 5 and 10.
    And, all the buildings are US buildings. There is nothing famous in Canada or Mexico?

    The banker portraits are a real giveaway.


  • dot hey have the blacklight strip in them?

  • This is paranoid and beyond ridiculous.
    Nothing but pure B.S.

  • I think the holograms on the left-front of the bills are quite convincing.

    If these are real, we really really need to think about the full implications. What’s going to happen to those bills in your wallet, purse, or mattress? Sooner or later, they will have to be traded in for the new ones, but at what rate? Will they turn into collector’s items?

    Remember the unique quarters for each of the 50 States? Well, the 50th State Hawaii was released on November 3, 2008 just before the election. Coincidence? I doubt it.

    By the way, has anyone seen any 2009 Federal Reserve Notes like our current ones? Let’s keep our eyes open.

  • There are so many things wrong with these images that I can’t believe anyone’s taking them seriously.

    Where is it we’re all supposed to start living? The United Federation of North America, or the North American Union?

    Standardizing the placement of the French and Spanish numbers would be more realistic, as would a little more acknowledgement of the inclusion of Mexico and Canada (e.g. a Mexican or Canadian building being featured on the obverse side of at least one of these).

    Retaining ‘United We Stand’ but substituting an even more blatant Latin phrase for “NWO”? Also unlikely.

    And the banker portraits.

    And so on.

    Having worked in graphic design and being a currency collector, I can tell you there is nothing here that’s at all difficult to fake, and much of the content strains credibility to say the least.

  • Yeah, first off; Don’t you think Mexico and Canada might be upset none of their infamous villains were included on the NAU currency? And really, Rockefeller, Aldrich… why not Hitler, Rasputin, Darth Vader or Lucifer? And while I do fully acknowledge the inefficiencies of big government, I think they could at least spell check JP Morgan’s name before committing it to a continental government’s currency!

    Its an interesting hoax, but seriously, even the fact that people are “debating” whether they are real or not, shows how ignorant and quick to judge things we are.

    This sort of thing is what makes legitimate skeptics look like nutjobs.

    Re: Dumb American – if you believe the WTC were demolished by your own government, why would you NOT be scared? Its not fear mongering to yell fire, when there is actually a fire raging.

  • fake… the texture on the background paper is a photoshop texture job. no question. real paper texture does not tile like that… and you know that the paper with that kind of texture used at the FED would be the real deal (real texture), not a photoshop filter.

    c’mon y’all.

  • Had a family reunion this weekend and my cousin was telling the family what was comming. She explained about the new money that she had held in her hand. So I started looking on the internet to see if I could found any thing that resembled her description that see had seen. Those bills pictured her are what she described to us. The three symbols in the exact order, JP Morgan, Novus Order Mundi, no in god we trust, almost same size as our dollar now, same paper. I didn’t know what to think at first but after hearing the description of the money and the finding pictures if it, seem very possibly the real thing.

  • What is especially telling to me is the similarities to the current currency. The large numbers in the corner are the same. The lower right on the back of the 10, 20 and 50 is identical to the current style. Same size, same color, same font. Even the curved line around the number is the same. On the 5, that number is identical but without the curved line. The only difference in the numbers on the front of the 5 is that the numbers have a little bit of shading on the new 5’s. The serial numbers also use the same size, color, and font along with the same amount of digits. The up and down diagnal lines the run the length of the very bottom of the new 5 and make up the lower perimeter, seems to be identical to the lines on the side of the current 5 and the left and right perimeter designs look as if they match up as well. The perimeter on the new 20 matches the old 5 as well. The part that looks like a roof(top,center on the new five) is the same as the current 20.

    That, along with the misspelled name, the use of the word dollar, and which is it, The North American Union or the United Federation of North America? Or, is it(as is stated in the fine print on the 1) The Union of The North American Republic? The faces are all US banking figures, no nod to anybody important in the history of Canada or Mexico.

    The top of the pyramid on the 1 is finished off, but it is also the same exact size, the same exact angle, and even the shading on the left side is identical to the old 1. The banner around it is the same with a reverse on the topside. The Federal Reserve seal is identical, except for the three stars replacing ‘United States’. Not to mention there are two different seals on the front and back of the 1.

    I’m sure I could go on, but I am not that bored. The similarities are too striking. I would like to think that if they were going to design an entirely new currency, they would not use such a blatant rip-off of the one in circulation.

  • Are those the 11 CROOKS that started the federal reserve act? I bet they’re the 11+ international banksters that is trying to run the world.

  • Obviously they are FAKE!! The Ameros do NOT exist! These notes were carfully designed and look real, but… aren’t they supposed to be Ameros? It should have been designed in 3 languages (English, Spanish and French) or in no language at all (ike the Euro) since they would be circulating in all three countries. Nice work though!

  • Howdy all, those notes contain way to much fine art and detail to be the work of a hoax. You can’t reproduce the security features shown on those bills with photoshop.

    Ignore all the trolls trying to trick you into thinking these bills are fake, because they don’t want you to consider the ramifications.

    It’s called loss of soverignty. Fact is that these folks have been running things from the shadow gov’t for quite some time. When this new money is put into circulation it just means that they are comming out of the closet. Referring to the power-closet not the sexuality-closet.

  • the money is fake y do it say doller

  • i love money but this is no real

  • JP Morgan looks like Bruce McGill…

  • I’m not quick to judge but look at all the facts
    these new "bills" are very detailed, I would not be surprised if they are in fact real, otherwise a very elaborate hoax

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