Could these be the new currency, The Amero…?

jp-amero(FEDERALJACK)   These pictures were sent to me a little over two weeks ago.  Before posting them I made sure that I looked them over with extreme prejudice.  I have seen other photos of supposed Ameros before so I wanted to make sure these weren’t some crappy homemade hoax.  I have to tell you, after hours of checking them over, they look like the real deal.  A few examples of why I came to this conclusion are the water marks and the special light reactive paper they use to make the bills.  There are some shots of the money in natural light and you can see, under close inspection that the security features on our new 20’s and 5’s match up with the security features on the Amero’s.  You will notice the world bank logo in print and used as a watermark.  You will also notice the logo of the “North American Union”.    Don’t take my word for it, check them out yourself.  Take the time to look at them very carefully.  You can decide for yourself, but as for me, I believed they were real enough to post the photos.


These were sent to me, from a user of the site. He told me that the pics were taken by a friend of his who works at the Fed. The guy liberated them from work so he could take the pics and get them out. I would assume he put them back. As you can see some say sample across them. I don’t know if they are real, but if they are fake, the person did a good job. If you look at the ones that are in his hand and on the floor, you can see how the paper and the ink reacts to the natural light. That is something you can’t fake.

It’s the same security features that are in our new fiat money. I’m not saying yes or no, but I am saying they look real enough for me to post. The other shitty looking ones and the coins I never gave a shit about. I will upload them to our flickr account so you can download them and look at them in full size. You can see the watermarks and other details. Again, I don’t know if they are real, but they look real enough. You decide, believe me I would rather this be fake.  Some of the comments I have been reading say the Bankers wouldn’t be arrogant enough to put their faces on the money, are you kidding, look at all the other things they have done, why wouldn’t they do it?  Also I saw a comment about Canada not being representted, it is, look on every bill English, French, Spanish….all three languages.  Go to our Flickr account and download them for yourself.

Here is the link:

[imagebrowser id=3]


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