PFC LaVena Johnson: The Silent Truth ***PLEASE MAKE THIS VIRAL***

A Call To Action For PFC LaVena Johnson

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  • This was almost 7 years ago, is there any new info?

  • Wow .Being European and based in Europe I find the whole idea of Women in the army hard to grasp even though some European armies also have women in them.
    Thanks to Alex Jones in Texas with we now know that European armies working with the United Nations are quilty of involvement in running child and women slavery and sex rings of the locals for which they are supposed to protect.There is no real possibility to learn these true facts from the European government controlled media so its alternative media from the USA or elsewhere which exposes these facts.
    I can also then assume that European armies also have some of their women soldiers raped and killed and then they too will cover up the crimes from within and claim suicide.In Europe there is near to zero Freedom of information for armies so even if its happening it would be difficult to uncover.
    While the USA and Europe are controlled by the New World Order controlled United nations we can only expect the invasions and wars to multiply exponentially and more women soldiers to become victims from their own sides as the armies become crazed on UN launched meaningless wars
    Hopefully all the women soldiers murders will be become exposed and they get the justice they deserve
    and we can eventually say RIP for PFC LaVena Johnson

    Diarmaid Ó Seigefriede

  • Do not serve the corporate-military complex. America is doomed.

  • I realize many are looking for freedom, freedom to speak our mind (thanks Popeye)freedom to express one’s self truthfully without fear of reprisal,or fear of a negative peer review. Sadly most folks don’t know that PEER is a legal definition meaning one’s equal in personal and political status. In old England it meant other Nobels. A jury of your peers means a jury of your equals. Well folks I am not a US citizen,this is an office you elect to hold. One cannot be born a citizen anymore than one can be born a girlscout, or mayor. It is a 14th amendment status of citizen/subject/slave to a corporation created in 1871 called the organic Act of Washington D.C. supplanting the original Constitution with a similar document,but not the same. I exited the US govt citizenship and entered the status of One of the People of the State Republic. Washington,Jefferson,Adams,even Lincoln were not US citizens folks! They were Citizens of their State. The truth cannot be told only experienced. I invite all of you to go to ,or see the YT vids with William "Bill" Foust and Mark Hafner to learn the history you were not taught in the public fool system, which BTW was first implemented in 1853 in Mass. by the judiciary in order to eliminate CIVICS=the teaching of one’s role in law and how to apply the Constitution FOR the united States of America. Define in a legal dictionary: Person,drive,motor vehicle,marriage license,voter registration,Adhesion contract,Cestui Que Vie Trust, Foreign Situs Trust,Sovereign,Allodial,Fee Simple,Land Patent,Close Land, Metes and Bounds, Email me for the common law default method law docs to beat traffic tickets for free. I don’t want your money, I do want you free. I will send these to anyone if you will promise to pay them forward for the same fee I have charged. Look up Public Law 97-280 and being excepted from taxation with 508 (1)(A)(6) non for profit orgs. see Ask me about claiming native Indian status which you probably are,having no need to document it and not being bound by State statutes,codes,ordinances et. al. Don’t believe anything I say, research it for yourself.
    Pax aut bellum.
    Numpa Can – "Two Trees" Lakotah Oglala Sioux


    ***THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH AND NEEDS TO BE HEARD! SEEN BY EVERYONE! NOT HIDDEN!!! So it is Re-posted! And will be re-posted at many different websites across the web!!!***

    *** CIA/ U.S. Pentagon / U.S. Military – Assassinated Murdered NFL PRO Football Player – Corporal Patrick Daniel “Pat” Tillman[Born: November 6, 1976 – Murdered: April 22, 2004]. To STOP him from coming Home and Exposing the Truth of the FAKE Afghan War on Terror and uncover to All the atrocities happening there to innocent Civilians! Assassinated Murdered Killed to cover up the Fact it was all a BIG FAT FED False-Flag War Propaganda LIE!

    The Assassinated Murdered (6 Six) Seal Team Six 6 members on Monday May 2, 2011 during the Fake (Wag-The-Dog) False-Flag Raid on the Osama Bin Laden Compound! ( Osama Bin Laden “Died” of Kidney Failure in December 2001 ) their Stealth Helicopter was Intentionally Blown Up by the CIA/ Pentagon! Killing all inside! Then on Saturday August 6th, 2011 (Twenty 20) Members of Seal Team Six were killed when their Troop Transport Helicopter was Intentionally Blown Up by the CIA/ Pentagon! All Assassinated Murdered Killed to cover up the Fact it was all a BIG FAT FED False-Flag War Propaganda LIE!

    Then there is the CIA/ Pentagon FED False-Flag Pvt. Jessica Lynches Assassinated Murdered (Four 4) Fire Team Members who witnessed her cower on March 23, 2003 as they fought died and bled to protect her skinny cowardly ass in a Fire Fight! She was captured by Iraq Troops… taken to a Iraqi Hospital… then Rescued on April 1, 2003 by U.S. Special Operations Forces, Those Assassinated to Cover Up the CIA/ Pentagon False-Flag Propaganda Operation: July 7, 2003 Josh Speer,, August 23, 2003 David M. Tapper,, October 3, 2003 Kyle Williams,, October 22, 2003 Sok Khak Ung! Assassinated Murdered Killed to cover up the Fact it was all a BIG FAT FED False-Flag War Propaganda LIE!

    All Assassinated Murdered SACRIFICED by YOUR Precious CIA/ PENTAGON OFFICERS CORPS!

    MURDERED INTENTIONALLY to cover up U.S. FASCIST Federal Government / U.S. Pentagon / CIA Propaganda LIES!

    HONOR is a WORD! The Zionist Fascist run Federal Gov, U.S. Pentagon and U.S. Military Branches have NO Understanding of!

    Just ask Murdered U.S. Army Corporal Pat Tillman’s Mother, Wife, Father and the other Family Members of those Murdered by their Own Gestapo Fascist Government to cover up Government Propaganda LIES!

    Phuck the NWO!


  • there was one where the girl was raped and cloxox put i9n her body before she shot herself in the back of her head and burned her tent down afterwards

    your cghildren are worth nothing to the armed forces, they are guinea pigs for vaccines and nerve gas, and worse, expendable toys for people to playh wigth

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