Pentagon To Recruit Twitter And Facebook Specialists

(ITPROPORTAL)   The Pentagon has plans to tap social networking websites to secure information, to detect and track the spread of ideas, enabling them to counter any upcoming threats.

According to the Washington Post, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the Pentagon, has announced that the authorities are looking for people proficient in social networking that could help them research and build strategic programs accordingly.

The DARPA has revealed that the organisation is willing to spend $42 million on the research and development program, as the US defense agency is looking to reach a new level with its intelligence division by keeping a track on the millions using social media.

A hypothetical situation was put forward in its solicitation by the DARPA to illustrate the sort of situation which might arise: “Rumors about the location of a certain individual began to spread in social media space and calls for storming the rumored location reached a fever pitch. By chance, responsible authorities were monitoring the social media, detected the crisis building, sent out effective messaging to dispel the rumors and averted a physical attack on the rumored location.”

DARPA  said that the plan to keep a check on social media websites by the Pentagon will help the defense authorities deal with dangerous events in the future more strategically.

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2 Responses to Pentagon To Recruit Twitter And Facebook Specialists

  • Would that “rumored location” be the Pentagon itself by any chance? 🙂

    OK, I can see what Pentagon is trying to do here, but why not just keep hot bun sellers just across the street on Pentagon’s payroll? They’d be much more effective at predicting angry mob was on its way to storm the Pentagon gates.

    The problem with the idea is… believe it or not… the whole atmosphere (actually, stench) that’s rising in the air around anything that Pentagon (that is, DARPA) touches. Whoever is capable of withstanding that stench is most certainly not qualified to do the job as described.

    It’s a paradox, so good luck at ordering someone to be spontaneous.

  • Good. Let um watch. As Diabolic said in ‘Payback’
    “…But I got a better punishment for these Republicans;
    I’d let ’em live, so they can see us overthrow the government”

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