Pennsylvania school decides to cancel play because of 9/11 sensitivity

(AOI)   Richland School District  was set to perform the Tony award-winning play Kismet when complaints started coming in from the community. You see, the play has the unfortunate distinction of being about a beggar and poet from Baghdad (gasp, an Arab/Muslim). Strike number two is the fact that the school district is a mere 30+ miles from Shanksville, sight of where Flight 93 crashed. So, you can honestly see why no one in their right mind would want obvious Muslim propaganda in the same year and near the crash site of the tragedy of 9/11. And now that I got that sarcasm out of my system, let me explain why the hell people need to stop overreacting to every little fucking thing (especially when concerning anything that mention anything coming from the middle east that isn’t from Israel). If anyone would have done their research, the would notice something really odd to begin with.

Kismet was a play written in 1911 by Edward Knoblauch. That doesn’t sound like a “Terrorist” name, does it? Considering that Knoblauch was born in (GASP) New York City in 1874, graduated from Harvard in 1896, and lived out the rest of his life in the United Kingdom. In fact, if you would look up Mr. Knoblauch (later Knoblock when he anglicized the spelling of his name), he was a captain in the British Army and worked for the Secret Service Bureau in the Mediterranean. He also wrote the screenplays for Robin Hood (1922) and The Three Musketeers (1921). Sounds like a guy who was hell-bent on spreading an agenda, doesn’t it. I can’t wait until the re-release of Disney’s Aladdin gets boycotted. There is no hidden agenda behind Kismet…despite the moral outrage of speaking the name of Allah and Mohammed, it’s a play…nothing more, nothing less.

What happened on September 11th, 2001 was a horrific event. But we should not and cannot hold an entire group of people responsible for the misdeeds of a few. If anyone should know this the best, it should be Christians. How long were Christians persecuted by the Romans? For how long did Christians persecute those outside their own religion (Spanish Inquisitions). Are there going to be extremist who claim to represent the Islam faith? Yes, there will always be some that are willing to take it to the point of no return. But forgive me for saying that almost every religious sect has extremist in their mist.  But you will always have those people who no matter what are going to remain prejudice against others.


And with this shit, we honestly thought we defeated the extremist….no, they got what they wanted…are you happy now?

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