Penalty for non-compliance of local police “orders”

I work with the cousin of the victim in this case. Story from the wife of the victim is that he would not get off his cell phone when “instructed” to do so. He refused to “cooperate” & be questioned about his personal fight on their property. After not allowed to make a call, three officers attacked the victim & physically prevented a call to be made. They beat him & handcuffed him. After a few expletives, one officer tazed him 3 times & when it had “no effect” according to the officers, then he deserved two gun shots in the chest. So I guess the penalty for non compliance is now penalized by death in Iowa law.

But here’s what the local paper reported:

(WATERLOO/ CEDAR FALLS COURIER) — A Waterloo police officer shot and killed a man during a struggle early Saturday.

According to authorities, the man attempted to overpower the officer, but the officer managed to draw his pistol and shot the man in the chest. The man died in his driveway at 611 Keystone St.

Though officials have not identified the victim, friends and neighbors said the man killed was Eric Rule.

Police were called to the home about 2:18 a.m. on a report of a domestic dispute between a man and a woman. M.J. Dolan, a childhood friend of the victim, said Rule lived in the house with his wife and two young daughters.

Shortly after officers arrived a struggle ensued between the man and two officers.

During the struggle the officers used a number of control techniques that were ineffective. Dolan said one of Rule’s relatives said Rule was Tazed three times before being shot.

Authorities said the man began to overpower one of the officers, who was then able to draw his duty pistol and shoot the man in the chest. Rule died at the scene. The officer, whose name was not released, was taken to Allen Hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries. The second officer was not injured.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation has been called in to investigate this incident. Jeff Jacobson, a special agent in charge with the DCI, said an autopsy has been scheduled for 9 a.m. Sunday at the medical examiner’s office in Ankeny.

Neighbors, some who asked not to be identified, said they were surprised to still see Rule’s covered body lying in his driveway when they ventured out of their homes Saturday morning. Many said they were not aware of the severity of the incident until seeing the white sheet used to create a makeshift tent over Rule’s body.

A four-home stretch of homes adjacent to and across the street from the Rule home were blocked with yellow crime scene tape when Helida Valla left for work about 7 a.m. Valla, of 603 Keystone St., said she didn’t even realize there had been a disturbance until her daughter woke her up shortly after 3 a.m.

“I bought this house 15 years ago and things like this just don’t happen in this neighborhood,” said Valla, who was watching the scene unfold from her car. “And I certainly didn’t hear any gunshots last night.”

A Martinson Construction truck, two police cars, and another truck were parked on the street in front of the home. Dolan said Rule had worked at Martinson for several years.

Authorities did not remove the body from the scene until shortly after 7 a.m.

The nearby hostas, which lined the driveway, appeared to have been damaged in the struggle.

According to court records available online, Rule had run-ins with police in the past but has not been cited since 2004.

In 1997, Waterloo police charged Rule with assault on a peace officer, interference with official acts and public intoxication. He allegedly refused to get into a squad car and kicked an officer. He was given jail time, but the sentences were suspended and he was placed on probation. In 1999, the court revoked Rule’s probation and he served six days in jail.

In 2001, Waterloo police charged Rule with interference with official acts. He pleaded guilty and paid a $250 fine for refusing officers’ orders.

Between 2000 and 2004, police in Waterloo and Cedar Falls cited Rule multiple times with public intoxication, loud music, operating a vehicle with a suspended driver’s license and failure to have financial liability insurance.

Despite his repeated run-ins with the law, Dolan said his friend, who he had known since second grade, was a good guy. He described his friend’s marriage as normal.

“We were just together last night,” he said, his eyes brimming with tears. “We’d had a few beers, but he isn’t the violent type. He had the softest heart. Everyone got along with Eric. I don’t care if he was drunk or not, this went way too far. This never should have happened.”

*The story has since been revised to include witness testimony, so please check it out yourself & leave comments about deadly force. I am djblizz on the newspaper’s forum under the article. add your thoughts & support for the victims’ family*

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