Pelosi: ‘It Is Clear We Must Enter An Era Of Austerity’

(THINK PROGRESS)   In a statement that is shocking many pundits, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) warned the country, “It is clear we must enter an era of austerity; to reduce the deficit through shared sacrifice.” However, Pelosi denounced the plan put forward by Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) as “a short-term plan that burdens the middle class and seniors and continues debate about whether we will default in a few months from now.” Democrats have given up on their demands for a balanced plan with new revenue, but the two sides remain divided over their respective plans for deficit reduction. And both sides seem to be expecting the worst and preparing the country for the same. “We’re about to go over a cliff here,” Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said Monday afternoon.

12 Responses to Pelosi: ‘It Is Clear We Must Enter An Era Of Austerity’

  • Let’s see pelousy, her family, and her ilk, “share the sacrifice”. How can Californians continue to elect these parasites? B. Boxer and her family are far worse than any “welfare queen”. Well, guess, (and its true), they don’t have anyone else to “vote” for.

  • If Pelosi wants austerity, she should be the first to practice austerity, by sacrificing her family, a meal or two a day or all-expense paid junkets to nice places courtesy of lobbyists for banks, pharmaceutical corporations, et al. As for myself and my family, no austerity, we’ve already sacrificed enough, thank you. And as for America, do you really want to cast the elderly, poor and sick into perdition? Do you really want to exacerbate social pathologies or do you want the government to actually do something about the worst unemployment and poverty in living memory? When the economy contracts, government needs to SPEND AND BE THE EMPLOYER OF LAST RESORT. WE CAN TALK ABOUT DEFICITS WHEN THE DEPRESSION IS OVER!!!!

  • Shared sacrifice means the American people sacrifice their remaining wealth and Pelosi and her pals share it amongst themselves.

    Share this bitch!

  • In one of the most out of touch comments in history, someone worth many tens of millions of dollars is telling everyone else to share the sacrifice. When you give the millions to those who actually need it and live on lets say your generous salary, $200K a year then you can say that. Otherwise, F off!

  • In case you didn’t get the message, Pelosi has just told you that you’re on your own.

    As for the blather about ‘the government being the employer of last resort?’ What a joke.

    DEFUND the folks who put us in this mess. LEARN TO READ A PIE CHART. So-called ‘Defense’ and ‘Entitlements’, the biggest wedges HAVE TO BE CUT. That means no more war, but also NO MORE BENEFITS for illegals. And that is to start. There’ll be more.

    So unless you want to start cutting infrastructure or something that really matters to keep the economy going, you’d BETTER start thinking this way.

    Oh, and stop electing morons & the easily corruptible.


  • Screw you bitch. YOU and your criminal pederast “colleagues” are in for some real “austerity.” You fuckers are INSANE.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  • The US population got robbed with no banker convictions, now robbed again through dollar debasement, then robbed again through austerity, pension theft and raising taxes, I can see where this is going. Can you?

  • N.P is such a loony bird.

  • We? Who’s we? Pelosi’s tripled her wealth in the last few years. Can’t wait to see what she coughs up…besides a hair ball.

  • Saving America in just 72 hours–regular citizens come to the rescue of a jammed political system:

    A lot of regular Americans are trying to head off or forstall a big cut to the general ecconomy by taking action–not just griping. They are sending a one-time check to the US treasory earmarked in the memo for payment on national debt only.
    Just think …. if one in five Americans follow through on this– that’s 30-40 million 10.00 checks in my math book thats about .35 trillion dollars immediatly paid to keep our AAA rating.
    Also–this frees up the same amount of cash–already in the treasury–to pump money back into the economy NOW where it is needed.
    They even asked President Obama to write a check to the treasury. Then they asked all the democrats to do the same.Will the republicans follow suit?
    I hope so–they can consider it tithing if they have to.

    It’s so easy–just address the check to the same place where you send your tax forms.
    Many have done this now: now it’s your turn.
    Does not matter really HOW we got into this pickle jar–not right now it doesn’t–What we need is action RIGHT NOW to get out of the pickle jar.

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