Pastor Rips Off Millions From 9/11 & Katrina Victims

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(DAILY MAIL)   A pastor is accused of using cash from a $4.8m fund he started to help victims of 9/11 and hurricane Katrina to pay off his mortgage, credit card bills and his son’s tuition fees, it was revealed on Monday.

As New Yorkers grieved in the aftermath of horrific terrorist attacks on the twin towers, Rev. Carl Keyes was plotting his rise to wealth.

Donors poured $2.5 million into the minister’s charities, Urban Life Ministries and Aid for the World, but much of the fund never made it past his pocket, it has been claimed.

Far from helping the needy, Keyes’ alleged new-found fortune went on treating himself and his family, and pouring money into his crumbling church.

He is accused of taking credit for the work of others at ground zero, embellishing his involvement and fabricating phoney demonstrations of his efforts as a good Samaritan.

Keyes’ pot of wealth seemed ever increasing with generous donors contributing to what they believed to be a genuine cause, with more opportunities to raise relief money coming four years later.

At least another $2.3 million was collected for efforts along the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, in the poorest corners of West Virginia and Tennessee, and even in remote African villages.




One Response to “Pastor Rips Off Millions From 9/11 & Katrina Victims”
  1. Adam Gray says:

    Is this shit bag a Freemason? If so, that’d explain how the pastor got the money so well hidden and whatnot up to recently. If he is indeed a Freemason, I’d be curious just what he did to piss off his fellow Masons enough to be ousted like this unless if it’s some sort of ploy for him to get even MORE money sometime down the road. These Freemasons are a tricky lot… and that’s THE nicest thing I can think of about them too.

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