Pamela Icke severely injured

(FREE THOUGHT NATION)   I deeply regret to say that on January 23rd, my lovely friend Pamela Leigh Richards, ex-wife of author David Icke, was severely injured after she fell 12 feet off a ladder onto concrete at her home. After being flown via helicopter to a specialist, Pamela endured brain surgery. She has since been released and is recuperating at home. Below is her recently emailed account of the accident, published with her permission and edited for privacy.

Pam is one of the loveliest, kindest, sweetest and most gentle and innocent people I have ever had the delight to know. She is the last person on Earth to deserve any trauma on any scale, much less this nightmare.

Even in revealing this appalling incident, Pamela included beautiful images of hope and empowerment.

My dear Pamela, I wish you a speedy and full recovery – and a long life!

Please post comments of support below!

Hello all, I am now at home after being discharged from hospital ( with a lovely caring lady to help me.) This happened on Saturday 23, Jan.

Yes, I fell from the loft in the garage (12 Feet), slipping off the ladder straight onto the concrete floor fracturing my skull, (subcutaneous hematoma, head trauma with left epidural hematoma, cerebral contusions), fractured my left wrist with rib fractures and bruising all over.

I just blanked out and lost footing and over I went. For some odd reason I somehow walked myself to my bed where I began moaning as blood was pouring out of my nose and thank goodness my landlords came back to the property, otherwise I would surely have died. They tried to get me in the car but would not go. I threw up then had to lay down. Paramedics were called and I was taken to XXXXX Medical Center where they flew me by helicopter North to XXXXX Medical Center for emergency brain surgery was performed draining the blood in my brain. It is so sureal.

I am ony relaying what was told to me because I remember nothing pretty much. I feel as if I died, yet didn’t? Broken ribs are no fun nor is a bruised and swollen brain. All moving to recovery though for I have too much to do beore I really fly from here …  thank you all for being so sharing and caring with me.

Love You all much! pammy

And we love you too, Pammy!  Big hug and lots of healing light and love!

Pamela’s website: Fly with Me Productions

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  • Pamela, I want you to know that your writings are so beautiful and peaceful. I have read many of David’s books, recently researched again in “Tales of the Time Loop,” and smiled once more at the picture of you and David at the beginning of the book. I had forgotten it was there. My curiosity led me to your website. You lift me out of the time loop into All That Is. What great love everywhere! Thank you. Michelle

  • Hi, Pamela. Me again. Perhaps there are things to learn and re-assess from your serious accident. Nothing, after all, is really an “accident.”

  • Hi, Pamela. Once more, it is I. The only comment I have this time is, “Fool some of the people all of the time and fool all of the people some of the time.” I fell for it, but no longer.

  • To Michelle Bruce,

    Thank you. How ironic your comments changed so quickly? Never judge a moment until you have lived its life. I have no judgement upon your opinion and shall leave you with it. Be prepared, for maybe you have ‘fallen’ as you state above for the fool. The truth will set you free and I am unafraid to speak. More to know than what you are being fed to believe.

    Kind regards.

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