Palm Oil Now More Widely Produced Than Soybean Oil, Here’s Why You Need To Get This Oil Out Of Your Diet

(NATASHA LONGO)   Palm oil has been sold to the world as yet another increasingly sustainable and healthy alternative to other vegetable oils. It is now the most widely produced edible vegetable oil globally, passing soybean oil eight years ago. Following the repetitive formula which comes out of the food industry decade after decade–any time the next big economical, versatile and immensely popular of edible oils come along to be integrated into thousands of food products, inevitably we find out that they’re not so great for our health or the environment. Palm oil is no exception from this formula and here’s why you need to get this oil out of your diet for good.


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  • As was thoroughly explained in the book The coconut Oil Miracle, coconut and palm oils are actually medium-chain fatty acids, not long chain, free radical forming saturated fats. They are easily metabolized like carbohydrates and are immensely healthy in other respects. That is why they are sold in health food stores. It is astonishing how long TV news lies continue and are vehemently promoted long, long after they are soundly refuted. The soy oil industry party line is a lie but many naive promoters of it are simply ignorant of the facts and ar blind followers. The chemistry involved is explained first in the book so it is easy enough to verify what I am saying. Do you trust corporate media talking heads with hidden agendas with your family’s health? What is the corporate media track record for honesty and accuracy?

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