Orlando Police Prepare to Charge Victim of Police Assault

(LRC)   Travis Lamont, the costumed government enforcer who assaulted Daniel Daley outside an Orlando bar on the morning of September 18, is 26 years old. His victim is 84 years old and uses a walker. Lamont, as a member of the state’s enforcement caste, was armed. Daley was not.

Eyewitnesses to the assault insist that the elderly man never harmed or threatened Lamont in any way. His “offense” was to grab the younger male’s shoulders to balance himself when he stumbled. This “assault” supposedly justified a violent attack in which Lamont body-slammed the elderly man head-first into the pavement.

In his report, Lamont claims that Daley “cocked his right hand back as if to throw a punch”; the officer “feared a physical attack was imminent,” to he “directed him [Daley] to the ground with an arm bar technique…. In the process of directing the subject to the ground, the right side/top forehead [of the victim] struck the pavement.” Apparently, Lamont “directed” the old man so forcefully that witnesses on the scene feared that they had just witnessed an act of homicide.

Eyewitness Sean Hill recalls the sickening noise made when Daley’s head collided with the asphalt: “Like a watermelon — pop!”

Daley remains in intensive care following emergency surgery to repair his broken neck. Assuming that he recovers from his ordeal, the police intend to prosecute him for assaulting the tax-devouring goon who attacked him.

“He grabbed the officer, pulled back his arm and said, `I’m not going anywhere until I knock out this cop,’” insists Orlando Police spokeswoman Sgt. Barbara Jones, who wasn’t there. Those who were there insist that Daley never uttered anything that could be construed as a threat — assuming, of course, that a decrepit octogenarian could possibly pose a threat to a valiant representative of the Regime’s domestic army.

Sgt. Jones, who like her professional peers has been taught to regard “officer safety” as the highest priority, asserts that Daley was a threat to the two-year veteran of the Orlando P.D.

“Everybody is focusing on the age,” she told local television station WFTV. “I am focusing on the action of this person. People, 84, can kill officers, too, can cold-cock my officer in the face, knock him out and now you’ve got an officer laying [sic] down on the ground with a gun, and everything is completely out of control.”

According to eyewitness Tim Scott, Lamont was all but palsied with terror over the “threat” posed by an 84-year-old man who could barely stand upright.

“I told him [Lamont] `Dude, you’re tougher than that,’” after the officer had assaulted Daley. “He said, `I didn’t know what he was going to do.’”

Any officer who can be laid out by a hobbled 84-year-old man deserves to get his tax-fattened ass handed to him. Any nominal male who can list himself as a “victim” after beating up a crippled 84-year-old — as Lamont did in his official report charging Daley with “battery on a law enforcement officer” — doesn’t deserve to be called a man.


3 Responses to Orlando Police Prepare to Charge Victim of Police Assault

  • If you cannot defuse a situation involving a sickly 84-year-old man without slamming his head on the ground, you should not be a police officer!

  • The police have made themsleves the people’s enemy ! It is long forgotten today that originally in our Founder’s real govt it was the PEOPLE who were the armed law enforcement and there was no crime. But when Lincoln created the police forces, crime thrived to this day. Now they think they are gods over the real legal Founder’s law enforcement = the PEOPLE ! [Do not confuse the Police with the Sheriff. Sheriff’s have existed even before the Constituton and they belong to the people of their county, and are answerable only to the people, NOT the state or DC ! The Sheriff exists to PROTECT the PEOPLE FROM DC and their Federalists ! They are never to work with the Feds in any way or they have committed Treason against their people and their oath.]

  • The message here is the “officer”is the plantation boss,and you are the slaves.Read Willie Lynch’s 1712 letter to plantation owners.The hippies in the 60’s gladly accepted every tenet of the slave making process.Separate the old from the young:the Generation gap-Divide by skin tone-Martin Luther King, and racial theology(now it’s Mexican liberation theology)Divide by differences in general.Now you are all equal slaves unless you animate a plantation boss costume.Plantation bosses are encouraged to use excessive violence to keep the slaves in line with no retribution.The slaves learn “learned helplessness”,also divide the women from the men.Gloria Steinem and her CIA fake womens’s lib.The idea was that with WIC and foodstamps,the acceptance of “single mom slaves”the women would train their children to listen to the plantation boss.The 60’s sucked.It is a good memory for most people,and they hold fond memories.
    But even the music was destructive.You are what you say you are…the British Tavistock Institute had people singing I’m A Loser,and I’m not what I appear to be! There was a girl who had millions my friend,I should have known she would win in the end.That girl was the Queen of England.
    The Beatles had British Satanists on the Sgt.Pepper Album.
    People are unable to do anything about anything because they have faulty logic for generations now.They were trained to protest by commies like dark ages oafs.Now the protesters get their @sses handed to them every time.
    Idiots.Look up Joan Veon and the British Commonwealth getting 54 votes to one US vote for years.
    The “Royal”Family like Malthus,and Darwin advocate survival of the fittest and population reduction.The old man is a useless eater and so are you.The Repluickans and democrats alike all quietly implement Agenda 21 into your neighborhoods.Get used to old men getting tasered,and hearing their heads pop like melons.There is more where that came from.Agenda 21 and the UN belong to the Queen and her 54 Commonwealth votes in the UN to the US’s 1.We have generations of faulty thinkers,and they are going to have to reduce their populace and are too stupid to do anything but whine about it,and I expect to see much more of it till people can figure out 54 to 1 in the UN is the “Democracy”you hear about on the moron media.Republickers and Democrap all will follow UN treaties for sustainability and ICLEI communities.
    This such old hat annd I am too jaded to be upset even though I am saddened by the news.What do you expect with all the feminizing hormones in the food and soft plastic containers we don’t even have any men but femmy males and y’all eating genetically modified food and calling the 60’s the good old days.They are teaching you to be helpless and America has learned it’s lesson well.

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