Oregon CPS interviewed about the unlawful abduction of an infant by their agency

Mark Berty was arrested three Thursdays ago and charged with “Interception of Communication” in Ranier, Oregon. In layman’s terms, he is charged with recording a private conversation without the other party knowing it. It is a serious charge and will definitely put a damper on his outlook in obtaining custody of his newborn child sitting in an undisclosed location, somewhere in Oregon.
Trudy, his wife, states that he was brutalized by a handful of local police as she stood by in horror, filming the incident on her camera. “He couldn’t have possibly been resisting arrest. I was there,” Trudy states. “His hands were full of stuff we just bought for my new place. Children’s Services don’t want us living together, so I had to go get a place of my own, away from him.”  She reported that the officers stole her camera and said it was a crime to record what they were doing to her husband.  One also reportedly told her that if his police dog decided to bite her, it wasn’t his fault.
Some time ago, Mark contacted me regarding his story. He had just come from a rough divorce and his embittered ex-wife, turned welfare queen, had not been caring for their children properly In Washington. “As a father,” he stated at the time, “I just couldn’t see my kids living like that. I mean, they were left to take care of themselves, pretty much. You should have seen it: no clean clothes, no proper meals, always dirty and just generally unkempt. Yet, she always had her hair and nails done. She was out partying all the time and the kids just couldn’t care for themselves at that age all on their own.”
He told of how he had tried to file in family court, but got the distinct impression that his sex (male) may have been a little hard for the judge to see past. He said he finally became so concerned about the welfare of his children that he just went and “picked them up” before school one day and brought them to his home. The children were not at his home long before the authorities were at his door, demanding to be let in. His new wife, Trudy, had her children in the home, too and the family clung to one another as a SWAT team surrounded their home. “They even had a tank there,” he said. “It was on wheels, but it looked just like a tank. The kids were really scared.”
Trudy’s 15 year old took the video recorder they had, popped the tape out and ran to hide it in the house. “He was a smart kid, ya know?” Mark’s voice shook just a little bit, “But the littler ones were more confused as to why the police were beating on Daddy, you know?” Once the “authorities” had entered the premises, Mark was reportedly assaulted repetitively with the Plexiglas shields carried by the assaulting officers.
I’ll make this long story shorter for you: all of the children in the home were taken and never given back. None of the children were abused and there were no substantiated claims of child abuse against either of the adults in the home that day.
Some time later, Trudy became pregnant. Fearing the worst, the couple fled to Oregon to have their baby in peace. Nine months later, their perfectly healthy son was born in their home. All throughout Trudy’s pregnancy, Mark and Trudy had been visiting their children at the Washington Children’s Services office. The social worker noticed Trudy being rather portly one visit and that she was rather thin the next and called Children’s Services in Oregon to go kidnap their newborn baby.
Trudy was stopped outside of their home in Oregon just before work one morning by a police officer and was instructed to wait for Social Services to come get her baby. The social worker had placed an out of state order for this family’s newborn child! Reportedly, there was a meeting held between the parents and Social Services in Oregon to explain why their baby was being held in care and when the couple requested to have their lawyer there, they were told the meeting would not be held if they got a lawyer to represent them.
Mark and Trudy brought their digital camera with them and placed it on the table, in plain view of everyone there and pressed the “RECORD” button to document the meeting. Initially, nobody seemed to care about the camera, until social workers could not come up with proper reasoning for kidnapping the well cared for infant from his parents. Suddenly, a supervisor took offense to the camera being in the room and ended the meeting. Another social worker invited the camera being there by using the opportunity to serve some sort of a legal document to the couple.  "Since you’re recording this, I’m going to just let you get this on video." She continued, "Here are some papers you’ll need."
After many threats by social workers on the scene, Mark sought out family advocates to store copies of this interview and distribute them accordingly for the purposes of proving that Social Services had no actual cause to hold his infant child from him or his present partner. I am one of those family advocates and I would be proud to share it; however, I fear publicizing it on this site because Mark was just arrested for recording the meeting in the first place, even though everyone in the room knew and approved of the camera being there in the first place.
The following is a letter my organization just got from Mark:
It was a surprise to hear from you.  I was thrilled to hear about the TV show and articles being written!  Today they "arraigned" me for "resisting arrest".  Probably a direct result, lol.  They hide their criminal acts behind more criminal acts.  How does one "resist arrest"?  When one is not informed he is being arrested?  I’m sure they have all sat down and edited their reports to conform to one standard lie.  I think there is a statute that excludes cops from perjury, just like they are excused from all other criminal acts.  "Unequal treatment", but what does the Constitution mean to foreign invaders anyway?  They gave me  pieces of writing paper.  One went to Trudy at general delivery on Monday.  this is the other.  I was told "someone" put $20 on my account.  There is only $9.85 there!  (When I put the $20 cash in the machine in their lobby, it said there was a $7 "convenience fee", so he should have had $13)  So I can’t even get a phone card.  ($10, $20)  It would be $.50 a min. to use one.  They read outgoing mail here, so I’m sure a copy of this will be seen by the person pretending to be "judge".  They have imposed an unconstitutional abusive bail amount, now at $30K, just to prevent me getting out and defending against this obvious unlawful malicious prosecution.  I must be real special for them to take this much risk just to keep my baby.  Bail works on a 10% deposit, so it is 3K, and most of that is refundable.  It would be good (necessary!) to get bailed out.  The lawyer that came to see me told me my picture in hanging all over the court on special "watch notice" (defamation).  The DA told the judge I was accused of threatening to blow up the court!  How desperate are they?  There is clearly no law anymore, so why do they play word games and make their half-efforts to try to appear legitimate?  Building fraud upon fraud.  How do they sleep at night?  No soul, no conscience, I guess.  The lawyer told me this is clearly a frivolous attack meant only to isolate, silence and disable me.  All the world sees that, my only hope is to talk louder and keep exposing their fraud.  I want all my contacts across the country to get this story.  I shall try to write a statement on this paper for the general release.  My pencil is 2 in. long with a broken point, lol.  Please find a way to borrow the money to bail me out!  It will be returned in a couple months.  They take credit cards! 

~ Just returned from booking 1:15pm
They finally relinquished the word game on finger prints and surrounded me and physically forced me to be printed.  Of course, he wouldn’t admit is was force, he just physically forced me.  Now they will pretend I volunteered.  Why the games?  Please bail me out so I can deal with this!  And, if anyone wants to write me, have it all go through you, with only first names on paper coming here. (If you want to go through me, aka Sidney, I will give you an address to send your letter, and it will get forwarded.)  I don’t want these criminals going after friends. These idiots will probably say that is illegal – oh well.

Well, anyways, I’m glad you wrote.  I believe Trudy is gone out of town for work by now, so I would not be able to write to her. I guess its good timing for the dependency case that we have separated our households before this.  Will they fault us for writing letters?  Just make sure that Trudy isn’t the one who bails me out.  Their narrow little moron brains would hold that against her.  Pass along my apologies to Trudy for the stress and anxiety this must be causing her.  Tell her to force people to buy jewelery!  She needs the money more than the shoppers do! lol.  As always, its a huge comfort and encouragement to hear from you, Syd!  I do have a Bible (NKJV) and from the start I have viewed this little adventure as an opportunity to "suffer with Christ".  This whole ordeal is to my benefit, and I learn more all the time how the devil works.  If nothing else, I get to be a martyr to draw more attention to the evil, criminal workings of CPS, and the tyrants who are taking over our country.  How can one see this happening to ME and not see the dictatorial despotic "Police State" in action?  An irony is that I believe "the video" is now evidence and therefore is now public domain.  (Is he right about that?  Seems like they’d want it NOT exposed even more since it’s "evidence".  What do you think?)  We’ll see how close they scrutinize my mail.  If there is a sudden flurry of discussion about it, we will know how badly they fear exposure of their crime!  Well, here’s the statement I want published, emailed, posted to the blog, read on rides and uploaded to YouTube, etc…

Hello. My name is Mark. My baby was kidnapped by CPS on July 16, 2008 with no claim of abuse or neglect. I have informed CPS, and proved on the record, that they do not have authority or jurisdiction over this baby to remove him from his parents. It is a blatant invasion, without cause, onto the sanctity of family. The CPS workers ignored me, and conspired with the "judge" to rig the game so it looks legitimate – i.e. – covering up their crimes. I have exposed their crimes. Now they have retaliated by getting me arrested. They have altered court records, falsified my name and address and residency status, and thereby have caused me to not be included in their kangaroo court process. I caught them in this deceit and exposed them and the judge on the record for fraud. On Oct 2, at 9:30pm, 4 armed police and a dog attacked me outside my home. Without announcing their purpose or intent they physically attacked me, threw me around the deck area, hit me, tossed me over a table and generally demonstrated their violent inclinations. It is 6 days later and my wrists are still bruised from the vindictive over-tightening of the handcuffs. AFTER all this, they informed me they had a warrant for the arrest of the false name that they assigned to me. The charges: "Intercepting Communications" – A MISDEMEANOR! And they executied it with this much violence? I later discovered CPS workers are so desperate that they falsely accused me of threatening to blow up the court house! These people are sick, psychotic and VERY dangerous. As promised, I will continue to speak out, even from jail. CPS must be abolished. And, the criminal agents must be put in prison for kidnapping. Join the battle to expose them.

bail me out 🙂  Mark

The videos he was arrested for making can be viewed at : http://www.freewebs.com/cpatiencesummers/politicalprisoner.htm
C. Patience Summers can be contacted at (909) 567-2067

Information from seranahsangels.co.nr visitation logs exposing the Washington state Department of Social and Health Services as being the potential culprits as those who had the YouTube video removed.

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