Operation Phoenix: possible national pedophile ring

San Bernardino City Council unanimously voted to give “pastor” David Rhone (lately, better known as “Pastor Pedo Master”) of First Church of the Nazarene an ultimatum: either ban all sex offenders from his “church” grounds, or lose all monies given to his church from the city for the city-ran Operation Phoenix and SOAR children’s programs. He has stated that he will not comply and he feels that the registered pedophile he had hired (Mr. Hoyt) had a civil right to be there. Mr. Rhone claims that the ultimatum is a violation of his civil rights and he will not take the necessary steps to protect the children in the programs from contact with pedophiles that the city requested.

Councilman Rikke Van Johnson has taken the matter back to city council for review. Monday, the council will again have the chance to avoid an investigation into Patrick J. Morris’ precious cash cow: Operation Phoenix.

Recently, yet another pedophile has been tied to Operation Phoenix. Reports came to a local civil rights activist regarding another Operation Phoenix pastor harboring another pedophile in San Bernardino. The family of the pedophile had gone to the pastor for guidance and support after finding over seven-hundred child pornography pictures the pedophile had downloaded on the family computer. The pastor instructed the family members not to turn the pedophile in to the police, but to allow him to place the pedophile in a local group home so that he may help “treat” him. The pastor reportedly told the family that he harbors many pedophiles and he could “cure” him of the condition of pedophilia.

The family kept the pedophile’s actions a secret, as instructed by their religious leader, for a total of two months before offering the police the computer with the photographs on it. Higher-ups in the San Bernardino Police Department refused the computer because the pictures had been deleted, although remained recoverable, citing “high political stress times” and that the photographs needed to be seen by police before the computer could be taken as evidence. After City Attorney (mayoral candidate) Jim Penman’s office learned of the situation, a city attorney investigator immediately went and picked up the computer for data recovery at an undisclosed location.

Concern for pedophile after pedophile popping up at Operation Phoenix community centers has the already nervous community of San Bernardino a little more guarded than usual. Could this be a pedophile ring in light of recent discoveries? Citizens of San Bernardino murmur in the streets, little more than a whisper is queried of what’s to be done about “Operation Molestation.” Offending pastors and politicians show no remorse for the violated children who are harmed by their greedy actions. There aren’t even any apologies of proud “pastor” Rhone for permitting the known pedophile to be hired to work at the children’s center. One thing is for certain: if Patrick J. Morris wins this mayoral election, Operation Phoenix will definitely go national, as-is.

More can be read at http://sanbernardinocity.blogspot.com/

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