Officer caught planting drugs says it was only a prank


According to the article

PHOENIX — More information on the past behavior of a Phoenix police officer charged with second-degree murder reveals a video of him playing what he called a “prank” on a homeless woman.

Chrisman has found himself in much more serious trouble lately. He was indicted on Friday for second-degree murder in the shooting death of 29-year-old Daniel Rodriguez.

In 2005, Phoenix police Officer Richard Chrisman and his partner were field training fellow officers when a surveillance video caught them pulling the “prank” on a homeless woman who was mentally ill.

The video at first shows Chrisman as he twirls his police baton in front of the woman, eventually leaning toward her.

As two other officer observe the woman, Chrisman and his partner walk to the the trunk of their squad car. The video clearly shows Chrisman slip his partner some drug paraphernalia so she could pretend she found it on the woman.

Chrisman and his partner later admitted they were just messing with the woman to see how she would respond.

“I guess me and all my wisdom thought it would be a good idea, funny you know, to play a prank,” Chrisman states in a police department internal affairs report.

Chrisman and his partner smile as they leave the car.

The female officer approaches the woman from behind to search her. While’s she’s patting her down, she reaches behind her back and Chrisman hands her the paraphernalia.

The female officer at first looks down the back of the woman’s dress. Next, she reaches down the back of the woman’s dress as if retrieving something. She pulls out the paraphernalia and shows the woman, pretending that she just found it.

Police arrested the woman on a warrant that day but did not charge her with possession. Chrisman was suspended for one day without pay as a consequence.

You won’t see it in the video but he has also killed an unarmed man, I guess during another “prank”. Let him spend the rest of his life behind bars on this murder charge.

This week, a Maricopa County grand jury indicted Phoenix police Officer Richard Chrisman on charges of second-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and cruelty to animals in Rodriguez’s death.

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