Occupy Miami’s Overtown Safehouse Raided by Dozens of Miami Police with Assault Rifles

(MIAMI NEW TIMES)   More than two dozen cops swarmed Occupy Miami’s Overtown safehouse yesterday afternoon after responding to what appears to have been a bogus terrorism tip.

The raid was the second on Occupy Miami in the past six weeks. On January 31, Miami-Dade cops evicted protesters from Government Center. This time it was City of Miami police officers that arrived in SWAT vans with their assault rifles drawn.

“They were pointing guns at children!” said Ramy Mahmoud, one of three Occupy Miami members taken in for questioning and then released without charges. Miami Police did not return a request for comment left last night. As soon as they do, we will update this post.
Mahmoud and other Occupy Miami members were preparing to travel downtown to protest the birthday of Chase Bank CEO Jaime Dimon when at least half a dozen police vehicles screeched to a halt in front of the building on Northwest Seventh Street.

A cop in a dress shirt with a bullet-proof vest jumped out of an unmarked car, aimed his gun at them, and shouted “everyone on the ground,” according to Occupy Miami members.

“I thought it was either a joke or he was robbing us,” said an occupier who gave his name only as Cobra. “Then an ice-cream truck full of SWAT officers pulled up.”

Nearly 30 cops — many carrying assault rifles or shotguns — spread out around the building, ordering people on the ground and patting them down for weapons.

“They said that they had gotten a tip that we had ‘long guns’ and were going to use them at our protest,” says Thomas Parisi. “But we are a peaceful movement and told them that we had no intention of doing anything like that.”

Occupy Miami members, who have been living at the building since they were evicted from Government Center, said the cops mistreated them.

“They stepped on our backs to see if we were packing guns,” Parisi said. “They forced a 57-year-old diabetic woman onto the ground. And the pointed their guns at my wife.”

Three occupiers were initially put in handcuffs but were released at the scene. Cops then asked Mahmoud and two other Occupy Miami members to accompany them downtown for questioning. There they were kept in different rooms and interviewed for a little over an hour, he said.

“They were asking me questions like, ‘Are you a Muslim?’ and ‘Do you love this country?'” Mahmoud said. “I said hell no I don’t love this country and it’s because of shit like this.”

“They are calling us terrorists but what I saw today was demons pointing guns at us,” he added. “They terrified us.”

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7 Responses to Occupy Miami’s Overtown Safehouse Raided by Dozens of Miami Police with Assault Rifles

  • Typical psychopathic behavior on the part of the psychopaths in the police department.

  • oy vey! Oh yes I just love the smell of rousted goy in the morning. It is so wonderful to see now that we control everything. For a few sheqels the goy put on a blue uniform and attack their fellow goy. Oh what entertainment.

    We now control the schools, the media, the government, the churches. At long last my people rule. How the goy will suffer.

  • I wasn’t armed that well when I was in Vietnam. We have now officially miltarized our police forces. With armed drones, indefinate detention, it will be quite the challenge.

  • The days of peaceful protest and organization are reaching an end. As scary as it sounds, occupy participants will need to start thinking about physical defense. The LEOs are behaving in a criminal manner, and I don’t know about the rest of the folk, but I am inclined to defend myself against criminals. LEOs need to look back at the oath they took when they became LEOs.

    With the passing of HR 347, if any of us want freedom, we are going to have to stand physically against law enforcement; there will be no other choice. I’m preparing myself mentally that I may die and will choose to die before living as a slave or prisoner, when my time comes to stand in this movement.

  • So it’s OK to use harassment as long as you work for the city and not a protester?!? The difference between the two being slogans on signs virus SWAT gear and guns. Is this not an abuse of power which gets us back to the reason for the protesters… *sigh*.

  • Theirs no way in hell I would of droped to the ground and let those jack boot thugs search me. I don’t take shit from anybody including cops. My criminal record proves it.

  • Funny to see the US becoming what they have fought so hard for so many years.

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