Obama Website Calls Opponents “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists”

(INFO WARS)   Bobby Eberle, writing for GOP USA, is alarmed by the latest Obama political tactic — characterizing all who would oppose Obamacare as rightwing extremists. Eberle points to a post dated the first of September on the Heritage Foundation website.

Heritage’s Rory Cooper notes a page — since removed in now standard Obama memory hole fashion — on the Obama website that called opponents to Plan Obama “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process.” The post on BarackObama.com called for the faithful to stay home on “Patriot Day” (what the government now calls September 11) and make two phone calls, one to each senator, and demand congress critters far and wide get aboard the Obamacare bandwagon and “defeat anti-democratic forces of hate” exercising their right under the First Amendment.

Mr. Eberle is rightly outraged by the brazen tactic and declares “the major blow is the comparison of conservatives opposed to Obama’s health scare plan to members of al Qaeda who flew planes into buildings and killed thousands of Americans.”

It’s too bad Eberle’s response is a rehashed mixture of neocon politics and the same old tired and discredited post-9/11 nonsense about al-Qaeda terrorists in caves. It plays right into the well-worn false right-left paradigm and the state-created al-Qaeda myth that are common stock for Democrats, Republicans, and the corporate media.

The Heritage Foundation is not much better. “September 11 should be a day to grieve and remember, not a day to lobby for government-run healthcare,” Cooper writes. “It certainly should not be a day to demonize fellow Americans. America’s enemies are violent extremists, bent on bring this nation to its knees, not soccer moms, dads and senior citizens who may disagree with one’s political or policy views.”

The “violent extremists” in caves and madrassas half way around the world are no match for the violent extremists in the U.S. government. The late Osama bin Laden and the database known as al-Qaeda are not responsible for killing nearly a million and a half Iraqis, an undetermined number of Afghans and Pakistanis, and in an earlier era over three million Southeast Asians. In addition, al-Qaeda did not support or fund death squads in El Salvador or those in Indonesia responsible for killing between 300,000 to 400,000 “communists” (i.e., folks who opposed the brutal CIA-installed dictatorship of Suharto). The CIA-ISI contrivance known as al-Qaeda pales in comparison — is in fact nearly invisible — when compared to the high-tech murder machine neocons enthusiastically supported during the reign of George W. Bush, a continuation of earlier mass murder policies.

Eberle, Heritage, and the “conservatives” (neocons nostalgic for the days of Bush) are missing the point as they absurdly tussle over Obama’s hijacking of September 11, 2001. It is no mistake Obama’s party hacks used the term “rightwing extremists” when referring to the opposition. It is the exact same language used by the Department of Homeland Security earlier this year under the direction of Janet Napolitano. Of course, the demonization agenda is hardly the sole property of Democrats, as the neocons insist. The DHS document was originally drafted during the Bush years, as Infowars has pointed out.

It’s not the neocons per se but rather the real patriot movement the government wants to politically marginalize and declare a dangerous terrorist enemy. Most of the people protesting Obamacare over the last month do not specifically identify themselves as Republicans but rather simply patriotic Americans opposed to a tyrannical and increasingly totalitarian federal government. Republicans have cynically attempted to exploit this popular and growing discontentment. Few average Americans buy into their shameless attempt to hijack the movement — beginning with their outright theft of the libertarian tea party movement — and divisive political partisanship, endlessly hyped by the corporate media, is at best a minor issue at demonstrations.

The explicit language used on the now memory holed Obama web page is but another ominous indication of what Team Obama has in mind for the real opposition. The Fox News talking heads and their regular neocon guests such as the disagreeable Michelle Malkin need not worry about the FEMA camps Glenn Beck insists do not exist — the camps are for the real patriots, not employees at Murdoch’s propaganda mill. There will always be a need for neocons who play the phony left-right paradigm game so long as the ruling elite remain at the pinnacle of power.

It’s been less than a year since the completion of the Obama Kampfzeit — the decisive street struggles that catapulted the Nazis to power — and in the months ahead we can expect not only more demonization but possibly a full-blown police state with Obama zombies in red windbreakers ruling over us like Mao’s Red Guards. 400,000 troops will soon be put on the streets of America explicitly to deal with “rightwing extremists” who demand a return to a constitutional government.


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