Obama Continues With NAU Agenda- Mexico Summit 09

Obama Continues With NAU Agenda- Mexico Summit 09

Again the 3 Banditos meet!

U.S. President Barack Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Prime Minister Stephen Harper began the two-day summit in GUADALAJARA, Mexico on Sunday with a dinner. It was a “wait and see” period as we all watched how or if, Obama would pick up the North American Union torch. On the surface it was unclear as Obama and Clinton both made threats to pull the United States out of NAFTA if Canada and Mexico wouldn’t renegotiate. This was clearly not the venue for Obama to make his concerns heard as it seems they were not even mentioned. Doing a 180, Obama said Monday that he and the leaders of Mexico and Canada have agreed to “aggressive, coordinated action” to restore growth across North America. Obama then went on to echo the same old excuse from previous SPP members and former president Bush, noting the huge trading partnership among the three neighbors, Obama said that commerce must be expanded, not restricted.

OBAMA'S FIRST NAU MEETINGIt’s quite obvious to Americans and Canadians that commerce must be expanded and not resitricted and I would argue that it has over the past several years! You would be hard pressed here in Canada to actually find a Canadian company to shop at, most business in the major centers are now American companies! So commerce has expaned and is expanding and is clearly not the agenda behind these North American Leaders Summits.

It would seem after reading the available articles covering this summit, the focus this round was the infamous “Swine Flu”.In a written statement, they pledged a united effort on economic recovery, trade, swine flu and climate change. This satement went on to offer a “joint, responsible and transparent” response to the spreading swine flu threat. The North American leaders also tried to coordinate plans to minimize the severity of the H1N1 flu virus as school begins, said John Brennan, an Obama adviser on homeland security. Brennan also mentions that this meeting was important in further linking health officials and readying vaccine and antiviral supplies “There are people who are going to be getting sick in the fall and die,” he said. “We want to make sure that we do everything possible to ensure the continuation of commerce, transportation and trade between the three countries.”

All three countries expressed their concerns on immigration issues during the summit. Harper apologies for the new visa requirements that Ottawa announced last month, that travellers from Mexico and the Czech Republic will need visas to enter Canada because of skyrocketing numbers of refugee claimants from the two countries. Calderón urged Harper to reverse the visa rule for Mexican visitors, saying it prevented thousands from traveling to Canada in July, Calderón’s office stated. Harper mentioned the visa requirement is necessary because of Canada’s refugee system, which can’t handle the thousands of refugee claims from Mexicans yet. The visa requirement will remain in place until Canada’s refugee system is reformed, Harper said after meeting with Calderon ahead of the summit talks.

Obama emphasized a need for orderly and legal immigration, a sensitive issue on all borders. “But ultimately I think the American people want fairness,” he said. “And we can create a system in which you have strong border security, we have an orderly process for people to come in, but we’re also giving an opportunity for those who are already in the United States to be able to achieve a pathway to citizenship so that they don’t have to live in the shadows and their children and their grandchildren can have a full participation in — in the United States.”

In order for the North American Union agenda to move forward, it is important to invest in Mexican infrastructure and security and these three stooges know this. Harper said Sunday that Canada will increase its aid to Mexico’s anti-drug fight by bringing 300 Mexican police officers and 32 commanders to the Canadian Police College for training. Harper has also pledged the 15 million tax payer dollars for a security program for the Americas. The U.S. has pledged $1.4 billion to help Mexico battle its drug cartels, but Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., threatened last week to withhold part of that money because of possible human rights abuses by Mexico’s military. How can we have a “Union” unless everyone’s onboard right?

Problem, Reaction, Solution, Calderón urged Obama to resurrect a program to allow some Mexican trucks onto U.S. highways as part of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, Calderón’s office said. Mexico has retaliated by imposing tariffs on $2.4 billion of U.S. goods. Now that Canada and the United States have an integrated border system it would only now make sense to kick the NAFTA superhighway idea into full gear and offer this as a solution to the problem. Watch for more talk of the NAFTA superhighway or Trade corridor expansion in months to come!


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