Obama Asks Congress To Send Weapons To Syrian Rebels


(FEDERALJACK)   President Barack Obama asked Congress on Thursday for $500 million to arm Syrian rebels. The White House believes the assistance is necessary so they may defeat the jihadist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and also says any groups that receive weapons will be carefully vetted to ensure they do not fall into the hands of radicals. Skepticism was immediately raised, however, as there is a long record of US arms winding of in the possession of those they were not intended for.

5 Responses to Obama Asks Congress To Send Weapons To Syrian Rebels

  • Carefully vetted by whom? How?
    Who will be responsible when those weapons turn up in Iraq?

  • Wasn’t it the rebels who used poison gas on Syrian citizens and soldiers? Aren’t the rebels enemies of the United States? Isn’t giving aide to the rebels giving aide to America’s enemies? Can America please impeach this faux leader in the White House NOW?

  • OK I got it.
    Bad Syria is fighting the “good” rebels and the bad ISIL rebels.
    You cannot give weapons to the rebels because there is a law against it, but you can give them “non-lethal” aid.
    The Non-lethal aid sometimes has rockets and bullets in them, but we don’t talk about it.
    America sends forces to train “good” rebels in Jordan and then the good rebels became bad rebels.
    America sends weapons to Saudi, who then gave it to both good and bad rebels.
    Bad Syria chases the rebels back, so the bad rebels cross the border into good Iraq who are not as well trained, armed or motivated as the bad Syrians.
    Good Iraq asks bad Syria to bomb the heck out of the bad rebels who are now in both bad Syria and good Iraq. America is OK with bad Syria bombing bad rebels in Iraq, but not bad rebels in Syria, who are also killing the good rebels. America does not want to bomb the bad rebels in good Iraq, because they want good Iraq to put in another leader who may (or may not) be even better (or worse) than the good leader that they installed.
    America who could not send arms to fight bad Syria, can now send weapons to good rebels to fight against bad rebels, but not against bad Syria or good Iraq.
    I am glad that I have got that cleared up.

  • This AH is about 2+ years too late… Leading from Wayyyyyyyyyyy Behind just shows what a complete jerk this guy and his entire corrupt administration are…(Hey, Organize this, moron)

    This is what happens, especially in Iraq, when you clear out and leave people with tribal mentalities to fend for themselves… The Syrian rebels were probably the real deal a few years ago, for the most part, but certainly not now… I mean, how can you tell the good guys from the bad guys…Maybe White Towels for the good guys and black towels for the bad guys… yeah, that should do it…Problem solved… And hey, they no longer need our help for weapons… Thy got all the American weapons the coward Iraqis left behind when they deserted their posts… And, of course, the 500 Million they got from the bank they looted… This administration is as useless as Teats on a snake…

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