Obama Agrees With TSA’s New Groping & Naked Body Scanning Policy, Won’t Change It

2 Responses to Obama Agrees With TSA’s New Groping & Naked Body Scanning Policy, Won’t Change It

  • Are these scans an outrageous violation of our 4th Amendment rights? Absolutely! I am one of the most libertarian people you will meet.

    But I also think that today, these scans are a fact of life.

    Al Qaeda has repeatedly circumvented existing security measures and gotten explosives onto airplanes with frightening ease. They know they can exploit this, and they WILL. If we do not change, we are basically inviting them back.
    I ended up on this site because I was interested to see how much detail the scans provide. Wow! Why doesn’t the TSA just cut to the chase and require folks to line up naked at security? Imagine how much “more convenient for the traveler” it would be!! I should work at the TSA.

    But seriously. I don’t trust the government much, but I think the threat still is significant. I am working on reading Dubya’s new biography [a very interesting read!], and considering how drastically Obama changed his tune about war and terrorism from the day he took office, and considering how strongly the government is defending the new security measures, I strongly suspect that the threat remains very high, and that they have specific intelligence informing this.

    So, like it or not, I think that flying in this era requires these measures. The choice is up to you: fly, or not to fly?
    The answer is easy for me, I hate flying as it is [and there isn’t really anywhere I want to fly to!] :p

  • If you had looked into the history of the people surrounding Obama prior to the election, you would know he did not “change his tune” at all. He was a corporate war-machine shill with left-cover from the start. Bresenski, Summers, Emanuel, etc – do some digging.

    Ending the wars and getting our personnel out of the rest of the world would end the “threat” entirely (to the extent it is not false flag to begin with). They don’t hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for being in their countries, messing with their governments, and killing their families to protect the vested interests of transnational corporations.

    The goal of this humiliation is for you to accept subservience – to lick boots and like it. You and a million like you don’t mean a whit to them; your life isn’t worth more than a cow or a pig to them. They aren’t trying to “protect you.” Wake up!!

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