Obama Admin Will Seek “International Permission” To Attack Syria, Will “Inform” Congress of Plan

(FEDERALJACK)   Leon Panetta Says Obama Admin Will Seek “International Permission” To Attack Syria, not Congressional permission. And they will “inform” Congress what their plans are.


11 Responses to Obama Admin Will Seek “International Permission” To Attack Syria, Will “Inform” Congress of Plan

  • permission??? dictators don’t need no steekeen PERMISSION!!!!!!!!!!

  • President/King Osama told us from the beginning what he intended to do with America and all that voted for him went along like the sheep they are…

    This bastard is so slick he makes everything seem like "It’s alright…everything will be fine"…Sure sounds like he’s walking us right down the path to the New World Order with its hub at the most corrupt UN…

    Thanks Osama and Hillary…lousy traitors!…(The sound of your names makes me want to vomit)

  • And, what is the Congress doing about it???…Not a GD thing…If the Speaker of the House had any balls at all, he stand and tell the President that the House would not allocate one dime to any attack authorized by the UN…Let them pay for it and use the military of all the other countries, like Russia and China, for instance…They all suck..

  • Its all lies and manipulation, 33-levels deep: from that walking piece-of-shit McCain… "how many more thousands need to die?" (while he has the blood of 1,000,000+ on his hands) to Panetta openly hypothecating on what Bush-o-bama has already made policy in Lybia, (bomb now, explain later) to the main-scheme media "reporting" all the lies without asking the most-basic questions… conjuring up cartons of "controversy" to imply it’s doing its job.
    Follow the money, the desperation of the Elite as they run out of ways to maintain their control over us… turning to monetary speculation, fraud and war as their only viable way of making a profit.
    Yeah, Bush was an asshole-on-steroids; but at least you knew he was an asshole, and people were waking up to what the system’s really all about; and like Clinton, Obama is a smooth-sounding snake who can get away with things that Bush never could.
    makes me sick, watching these human scumbags talking like their opinions are worth something. You can feel the human spirit sinking back into the sludge with every word these fuckers spew.
    I pity them the day the people wake up en masse; but then again, maybe instead of tearing them limb from limb, the masses will decide on a more-merciful breaking of a few legs on film to show the other fuckers what’s going to happen to them if they don’t surrender.
    Dunno. I continue to work for peace and pray for sanity; and shake my head at the karma people continue to collect.

  • It should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention that the US Government no longer works in the best interest of the American people.
    The contract known as the Constitution has been breached by the US Government and we the people as parties to the contract are no longer obligated to support it.
    Wake up sheeple before your kids are conscripted to die in another illegal war.

  • Just another step by the "beast" political establishment in the United States towards the fulfillment of the Prophecy of Revelations 16:13-14…

    Aided and abetted, of course, by the "dragon"-media and the "false prophet" Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious ‘authorities’.

  • This is so horrendous and yes, "breathtaking"! What’s worse is the strong possibility that Senator Session may have been just acting out a theatrical scene to make the Senate and Congress look "tough" and vigilant and effective in order to bring their public rating out of the tank. However all this did was lower the opinion we have of our do-nothing corrupt "elected represenatives." And how those deceptive, tap dancing, hand waving, bottom dwelling slugs named Dempsey and Panetta can reach the highest levels of our government just adds insult to injury.

    Supposedly the Pentagon is doing damage control regarding this video. The Pentagon is the controller and greatest inflictor of damage to human life and property in the USA and all around the world.

    Now many patriotic Americans are deeply outraged by this video. We cannot internalize this deep anger because that will only cause us depression or maybe misplaced violent behavior to ourselves and others. We all need spiritual and psychological counseling. One postive action we can take is NOT TO VOTE in any of the upcoming elections charade.

    Our whole USA system is corrupt and destroyed. It operates now only in Satanic deception and manipulation and mass murder and genocide.

    Do not spend your disappearing dollars anywhere that is not local and personal. Do not vote. And do not donate to your pastor and church spokespersons who FAIL US MISERABLY by not addressing the content of this video. We should be instructed on the true Christian response to this video, but our pastors are so busy deceiving their flock to hold on to their tax exempt status that they cannot risk speaking Christ’s TRUTH to power and to their laity.

    I pray for all of us and for God’s mercy on our souls for our not acting over all these years of gradual theft and ruination of our nation.

    (I hope that my speaking my mind helps me and my mental disturbance from the outrage I feel from watching this video. I intend to accelerate my dropping out, my coming "out of her, my people.")

  • Israel followed by US are the most violent states in the world after the cold war. When thye have absolute power , they think they can go around the world to kill on the pretence of "humanitarian aid" when facts are you are killing for the sake of politics.

    Syrian people support Assad as has been proven time and again and the ones kiling for heaven’s sake are the rebels deliberately shooting in the midst of their own people.

    For heavens’s sake, stop pretending you guys are angels when you are satan … the Anti-christ …

  • Kudos Popeye: Thank you.

    Our great leader Chairman Obama has facilitated the terrorist’s Muslim Brotherhood control of Libya and Egypt and will spare no effort to install them in Syria. The MB is on-a-roll thrughout North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

    The Arab Spring has sprung and a Communist revolution is coming to a neighborhood near you.


    The time to prepare is before a emergency – not during the crisis.

    Right on Popeye – WRITE ON!

    Cordially, Yoda@magnifiedview.com

    P.S. "May you live in interesting times." Ancient Chinese curse.

  • This is exactly what happens when a Democracy becomes a Zionocracy. Everything we do we do for Israel.

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