North Miami Beach Police Officers Harass Local Blogger

(Stephanie Kienzle)   Yeah, yeah, I know.  I’ve been told by the grown up police officers in North Miami Beach that the ones who post on the LEOAffairs website are a handful of immature brats who try to outdo each other in the moron department.  Unsatisfied with attacking me and my husband, someone mentioned to me that they’re now making fun of and threatening specific council members.  They’re also falsely accusing the mayor of posting comments on their website anonymously.  Now I know that some residents are prone to do just that.  For some reason, they can’t help themselves.  I have no reason to join in the “fun” since I have my own blog and, unlike the cops on the LEOAffairs message board, I have the stones to use my own name.  It’s real easy to talk smack behind a made up pseudonym, but it’s a whole different ball game (no pun intended) if you have to man up and speak your mind using your real name.  The only word that comes to mind starts with a P and ends with a Y.  I’m just saying.

The irony is that these are the same wimps who are cheering on UNION president Mike Pons’ boorish and grotesque behavior toward the mayor while on camera for the eleven o’clock news (see Channeling Jimmy Hoffa, while claiming that the mayor was afraid of him.  Someone going by the name of “NMB10000″ posted:

by NMB10000 » 09/08/11 09:44:03 Classic NMB moment when the Mayor and MP were having a heated discussion in the hallways on the 2nd floor of City Hall and the Mayor looked like “un nino de teta” :o . For those of you gringos that dont know the phrase, it means “mama’s boy”. I’m sure it reminded the Mayor of when he was in school and he used to get beat up by the bigger students. What’s even funnier is how flustered he looked for the remainder of the Council Meeting. I guarantee he didn’t sleep too good that night, having visions of MP all up in his face. :lol:

The irony is that the mayor told me not to sweat it and that he fully expected the bullying and childish outbursts (my words, not the mayor’s) by the UNION members.  The next morning his wife and I had a good laugh over that whole newscast.  Of course, Pons has no idea what a schmuck he looked like.  The Anonymous Ones on LEOAffairs don’t, either.

What’s more disturbing, however, are those cops who are looking for revenge on residents, including members of the council, who aren’t siding with them in their battle against the budget.  Witness the comments made by two more Anonymous Ones just two days ago:

Postby Policia123» 09/11/11 08:40:14

I for one don’t care. I love the city i live in. It’s not mayberry but we sure don’t have drive by shootings next door. News Flash 9/10/11- 1 killed & 1 in critical after drive by shooting in North Miami Beach. You think things are bad now, wait till the layoffs occur and you take our vehicles away. You’ll really see less of us, lol!!! All my neighbors have take home police cars so it’s all good in my neighborhood.

by JudgeJones» 09/11/11 21:29:03

To all our supporters, we will go above and beyond for you. To the “STP”, we know who you are, If you need us i’ll be the best reporter i can be, then i’ll hit the submit button and let someone else deal with your problems. I’ll collect my $100k a year and go to my beautiful city where my kids can play outside without the fear of a driveby shooting. Lol!!! Like they say, F&$k you pay me!!!! Lol!!!!

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy toward North Miami Beach’s Finest?  I’m just saying.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s only a small handful of immature brats who post this crap on a website that I’m told has become an irrelevant, trivial joke among grown up police officers.  I know I shouldn’t be wasting my time reading their equivalent of a men’s bathroom wall.  But, I have to admit it’s fun watching babies talk smack.

Maybe one day they’ll grow a pair and use their real names.  I won’t hold my breath until then.

Stephanie Kienzle
“Spreading the Wealth”

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