North Miami Beach Police Threaten Local Blogger For Daring To Speak Against Them

EDITORS NOTE FROM POPEYE: I know Stephanie personally and I can tell you she would not make this kind of thing up and would not come out publicly about it if it were not true. I have witnessed the retaliation she had received from the former Mayor Myron Rosner for calling him to task and now she is getting the same type of treatment from certain police officers. Not all the police officers in North Miami Beach are bad, there are many good men and women on the force, but there are police officers that act less than civil (to say the least) and they don’t like being called to task by a local blogger or any residents, god forbid they use their first amendment right to state facts about the budget reality of the city. That’s right folks, this all stems down to budget cuts. The City Council, Mayor George Vallego, and the City Manager have had to propose cuts in the police dept because the police union would not budge on anything, but did do everything in it’s power to provoke it’s membership into a fear filed frenzy about the evil people of the city taking their jobs. The fact is since 9/11 the push to militarize local police departments around the country and the bullshit war on terror lead to cities making the police departments too big to be financially stable and inevitably cuts must be made. Police don’t have the right or power to use their position to intimidate anyone for any reason and when they do, they need to be called out on it and punished.


(WSVN)   A South Florida blogger is accusing a police department of sending out a menacing message.

On Tuesday, Stephanie Kinzle, spoke out about the email. “He says: ‘to all the criminals, come and get them,’ something like that, I’m paraphrasing, and ‘it only takes one bullet’ … I was nervous, I was mad. This is a threat,” she said.

She said the threat was directed at two people who speak out often and who both agreed there should be cuts at the North Miami Beach Police Department.

Kinzle runs a blog that is highly entrenched in North Miami Beach politics. It is called “Voters Opinion.” Lately, all anyone is talking about is the budget and the proposed cuts of at least 17 North Miami Beach Police officers.

She said she does not know if the writer of the email is male or female or an officer but believes they work inside the police department. “Because my webmaster did a search, and I understand these searches can be made by anybody, and the IP address came right from a North Miami Beach Police Department website or computer,” Kinzle said.

Several days ago, Kinzle said, she received the email, which she did not publish, which lists the home addresses of two outspoken critics of the police department. “Criminals here it is … Have fun…” the email reads. “We love our police department,” she said, “don’t get me wrong, but ever since this budget process started, they’ve been unbelievably childish, nasty, rude.”

There are not only allegations of threats but racism. The writer of the email called one of the residents and critics of the police department of German heritage a Nazi and the other critic of the police department, who happens to be a muslim, “al jazerri.” Kinzle said, “That’s a hate crime, that’s racist, in my opinion.”

Police have said they are looking into it and have launched an internal affairs investigation, and they could not comment any further.


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