Nigel Farage to the EU: Who the Hell do You Think You Are?!

3 Responses to Nigel Farage to the EU: Who the Hell do You Think You Are?!

  • Brilliant orator, Mr. Farage. But so much like dust in the wind, eh? Worse yet, normally both sides of any discourse are tightly controlled. In this time of Maya, very difficult to know which side anyone is really on.

    That said, the entire Euro Experiment always felt akin to the great experiment tried by the British when they tried to take over the nation, way back when. Trying to cobble together a 1000 kingdoms and principalities proved hard. So they wormed their way into the royal houses, drowning crown princes with Oxford scholarships and an indoctrination to the western way.
    Once sufficiently weakened, the declaration India, this mass of diversity, into a single nation followed the tried and true british principle of drawing lines on a map and calling it a border.

    India is a failed experiment, even though it has been kept together by the same forces, now underground but still firmly at the helm.

    The EU experiment can trundle on into complete dysfunction for a long time yet, or it can be taken back. I say Cantona has the best idea.

    Else, this is how I see it…


  • Fantastic, a real human being is telling the facts to the sheep of politics.
    I first saw this on and hope Nigel Farage continues on his mission to expose hypocracy and corruption within European politics.

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