Newt Gingrich says He Will Help Israel Attack Iran If He Is President

One Response to Newt Gingrich says He Will Help Israel Attack Iran If He Is President

  • Two Jesuit agents and a rich Mormon distract the silly Republicans, while Ron Paul offers the only hope for America. Do these Punch and Judy sideshow artists have anything real to offer the people of the world, other than keep the same vile banksters in power and the Continuity of Government in their control?

    Gingrich left his Baptist conversion behind with his 2nd wife to become an agent of Rome when he converted to Catholicism, while Santorum was trained to pretend to be a “conservative” by the Jesuit Catholics, who have adulterated the US Republic and made it the slave of the Whore of Babylon.

    Make no mistake about it, the Vatican and the Jesuits are pushing hard to create a war with Iran. As they pretend to support Jewish interests, tens of thousands of Jews will be slaughtered first, followed by millions of Palestinians and Arabs in the vicinity of this war, as an act of retribution for Israel.

    All of this is designed to give the UN and the “pope” control over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Why would they want that? The Sabbattean Labor Party Jews, the Pope and his Jesuits, and the top Free Masaons want to rebuild Solomon’s Temple and crown the Man-god of this world. Sound crazy? Watch and we Will See.

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