Newt Gingrich Endorses Romney, The Man He Called a Liar on National TV, For President

(FEDERALJACK)   Despite months of fierce debate calling Romney another fake conservative, Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, Huntsman, Perry, and Pawlenty have all agreed to stay a part of the establishment and endorse him now anyway.

Ron Paul cares more about the Constitution and principles of small government ideology than simply boosting his ego like typical Republicans such as Newt Gingrich who want to ‘beat Obama no matter what’ even if that means replacing him with another status quo politician who just happens to be on ‘your team because he calls himself a Republican.’

When will voters realize that all candidates but one just want power and will do whatever is necessary at the time to win, yet later vastly change their attitude?

8 Responses to Newt Gingrich Endorses Romney, The Man He Called a Liar on National TV, For President

  • Political games… calling your opponent all sorts of names and then when you quit the race, then what? "Oh, I was just saying those things to get your vote? So and so is not such a bad guy after all." Stupid.

  • Problem is they lost their conscience a long time ago so their opinions will blow whichever way the wind does.

  • Mitt Romney probably paid off Gingrich’s debt for his endorsement.

    Voters should finally see the cherades these jokers play. Tell you what you want to hear, and when the time comes their ultimate objective plays out, and guess what…

    The American people lose.

    For the last few decades all I have seen is politician after politician lie cheat and steal. And each election cycle people truly believe things will change, and every year it just gets worse. These same people latch onto another politician because they hear what they want to hear, they are smooth talked out of sane logic and reasoning.

    Stop being a sucker.

  • Call a politician a liar? That’s like admitting that the concept of gravity is probably true. Things fall, politicians lie, what else is new? One thing I feel sure of; everyone who gets elected this fall is a bald faced liar.

  • Problem is they all are liars, Some more than the others,Ron Paul beLIEves that Arabs did 911 attacks because we are there. Recently he suggested Israel can do what they want– move capital to JewrUSAlum. I don’t trust any politician.

  • @ george Archers — Why can’t Israel do what it wants and move its capital to Jerusalem? Isn’t it a sovereign country? Why the hell do you think you can tell Israel what to do?

    And you think the CIA hasn’t "been there" in ME countries for years stirring up trouble? Even the CIA talks about "blowback" from interventionist foreign policy. What, it’s just too much for you to research and educate yourself? Maybe the concept is just too hard for you?

    Obviously Ron Paul has a far greater intellect than you do.

  • I’m glad the ‘New’ wore off Newt. Now, without his appearance of faux cleanliness, he will have to rest on the faith that someone out there worships the rock he crawled out from under. Too bad he went out the same way he came in, mean and unlovable.

  • @ Jen,
    The zionist entity is a sovereign country? In some minds, perhaps, but in most, who have half a brain, it is just a hideout for human trafficers, weapons dealers, financial criminals, etc., etc. Anyone who doesn’t know that the zionist entity is responsible for WWI,II,cold war,9/11,etc., is blind, and a fool.

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