Newark, NJ Mayor Encourages Snitches to Turn In Gun Owners

nj antigun ad(INFOWARS)   The mayor of Newark, New Jersey, is offering $1,000 to anybody who anonymously provides information on “illegal guns” in the city. In a video on posted on the City of Newark web page, the “Honorable” Cory A. Booker declares guns on the streets are unacceptable and he is offering the cash incentive to snitches.

However, there is a very obvious problem with the mayor’s program — how will the snitches tell the difference between an illegal and legal gun? How will the police tell the difference between a gang-banger with an illegal gun and a citizen exercising his or her right under the Second Amendment?

featured stories   Newark Mayor Encourages Snitches to Turn In Gun Owners

The federal government encourages the sort of snitch behavior promoted by Newark’s mayor.

Greedy snitches will call in “tips” on everybody who owns a firearm. In fact, Booker’s video would have us believe all firearms are illegal. Booker makes the distinction near the end of the video, not that it matters — the distinction will be lost on snitches interested only in pocketing a thousand bucks (the mayor waves a fantail of cash in the video to make his point and entice the snitches).

It is a situation destined for tragedy. How will the police and gung-ho SWAT teams tell the difference between legal and illegal firearms? How many innocent people will be arrested, harassed, treated like criminals for the crime of owning a firearm? New Jersey has a concealed carry law. How many people exercising that right will be attacked by Booker’s police? How many of them will have their legal weapons confiscated? How many of them will be shot down by trigger-happy cops?

Finally, this country’s insane “zero tolerance” drug laws are the primary reason there are gang-bangers on the streets with illegal weapons killing each other and innocents caught up in the crossfire.

Booker would do better to decriminalize drugs in his city instead of creating a snitch culture that will ultimately end up in more dead people.

3 Responses to Newark, NJ Mayor Encourages Snitches to Turn In Gun Owners

  • No doubt these scum are encouraged by the election (Bridge for Sale) of their Fellow Comrade to the XXXXX House.

  • Oh come on. Do you mean to tell me that you are willing to walk around the streets with people who are illegally carrying concealed weapons because of your respect for and support of the Second Amendment. If you want to live that way move to Iraq.

  • Ted R:


    But I would not want to walk in (at least some areas of) Newark without being able to protect my life and property. The whole point is that making guns illegal empowers criminals. Criminals know that law-abiding citizens are NOT armed and as such are easy targets. Criminals by definition do not abide by laws against robbery, assault, rape, and murder, and certainly will not abide by laws against carrying a firearm.

    Yes, let’s definitely do what we can to keep guns out of the hands of people that intend us harm. Let’s enact severe punishments for committing violent crimes with guns. Right now, the punishment for using a gun to commit violent crime is far less than the punishment for that violent crime. So, criminals who are willing to take the chance of getting caught for a violent crime are not deterred by gun laws. In order to get guns out of the hands of criminals, we need to make them think twice about carrying a gun.

    But more importantly, if we want to reduce violent crime, we need to allow honest and law abiding citizens the ability to prevent themselves from becoming victims of violent crime. This means allowing law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons. When laws that empower honest citizens are passed, criminals know that there is a good chance that their intended targets are armed with a handgun and have the training to know how to use it effectively without endangering the lives or safety of any innocent bystanders. States that have recently passed concealed carry laws have seen reductions in violent crimes because criminals know that everyone is no longer an easy target.

    I don’t carry a firearm in NJ because the laws currently make it illegal for me to do so, and as a law-abiding citizen I respect all laws. If I had the choice however, I would. I own firearms and have taken classes (and have received more training than most law enforcement officers do). Why should people like me not be able to legally defend ourselves from becoming victims of violent crime? The police cannot be everywhere and cannot prevent a violent crime as it is happening.

    Strict gun laws only serve to empower those who prey on the honest citizens who abide by law. Every state that has allowed law-abiding citizens to arm and defend themselves has seen a reduction in violent crime. If Cory Booker and other NJ politicians want to keep our communities safe, they will push to allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons to protect themselves and their loved ones, plain and simple.

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