New Season of ‘Glee’ to More Aggressively Target Conservative

(NEWS BUSTERS)   The hit television series “Glee” has never been shy about its disdain for conservatives.

According to Britian’s The Independent, folks on the right will find the new season even more offensive:

A third series, which starts in the US on Tuesday, and in the UK shortly afterwards, will feature the storyline of an attempt by high school PE teacher Sue Sylvester to run for the US Congress. Controversially, given Sylvester’s pantomime villain status, Glee’s influential profile among young viewers and the impending 2012 election, her bid will be built on an exaggeratedly conservative platform, so satirising the Republican right.

For those unfamiliar, the part of Sue Sylvester is played by Jane Lynch who while hosting Sunday’s Emmys took a cheap shot at the Tea Party.

As such, Sylvester the conservative will certainly not be at all flattering to the Right:

The first episode sees her appear on TV news to endorse a favoured policy of the Tea Party movement: the abolition of the National Endowment for the Arts, a US government subsidy beloved of liberals.

Later in the same programme, she suffers an indignity that befell Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich, two Republican presidential hopefuls: a “glitter bomb” attack, in which opponents video themselves throwing glitter at Sylvester, before uploading footage of the incident to YouTube. […]

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, she revealed that her character will be campaigning on the “Sue Sylvester American Liberty” ticket, and suggested the plot would play off the Republicans, saying: “She’s going to be more right-wing than Michele Bachmann.”

Oooh. I’m all atingle.

Of course, NewsBusters readers are well aware of “Glee’s” history of conservative bashing.

Vulgarian comedienne Kathy Griffin guest starred in a March episode wherein she mocked Sarah Palin while depicting Tea Partiers as homophobic birthers.

This wasn’t the first time the show went after the former Alaska governor, for it did so in April 2010 as well.

The show has also attacked conservative author Ann Coulter as well as talk radio’s Glenn Beck.

With this in mind, the perilously liberal Lynch portraying a conservative politician can’t be something that will put a smile on right-thinking Americans.

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