New Movie SKYLINE Preparing Citizens For Project Blue Beam

2 Responses to New Movie SKYLINE Preparing Citizens For Project Blue Beam

  • If you have dreamed about this trailler then you will know that 22 years ago they kidnapped a third of the planet and this film may give you perfect recall. I am a physics specialist and the blue beam through out this film is a delete sequence for those who dont know the truth so let the truth defend it self the light can not take your atmosphere only blind you to where you came from. so mj wasnt crazy when he shown you moonwalker??

  • This is another example of the aliens (Demons) who are in control of Earth preparing people’s minds to believe the Rapture is “Evil Aliens” kidnapping humans. This is the method the demons (Aliens) are using to bring those who are left here into a One World Government and One World Religion, Science, since the ones left will not believe in God. Humans will band together to protect Earth from the invaders, the Messiah’s Army from the heavens (Space) who have come back to free us from the rebellious alien demons control of Earth, humans and all our governments. That is why governments deny the existence of aliens when there are so many people that have seen them and know the truth, the demons don’t want people to know they exist. Jesus and the Bible told us the truth but few people can understand what He was saying because religion has twisted it into a supernatural fairy tale. There is a God and a Son and when He comes few will realize what happened. The ones who are left and finally realize the truth will be executed.

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