New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th ‘Day of Action’

(BREITBART)   The New Black Panthers on the organizing phone call for their Trayvon Martin April 9th National Day of action protest.  They call for violence and say we are already in a race war.

14 Responses to New Black Panthers: Race War For Trayvon April 9th ‘Day of Action’

  • Of course this is the same group who tried to intimidate the voters at the voting place in Phila…Yup…they are also the same group that the US AG wouldn’t indite bc they were black…

    Well, all I can say is if they bring that crap to the naples, Ft. Myers area, they might get a welcome they didn’t anticipate….

  • A person could go to Stormfront and scare black people with the bull they promote. A person could go to the Black Panther Party and scare white people with the bull they say. None of the crap is ever going to bring about a race war, but if blacks and whites continue to fall into the traps being set we’ll all end up enslaved by masters we didn’t see. Yes even in Naples, FL.

  • ZULU SHABAZZ is a federal agent be very careful black people it sounds another felse flag.

  • FederalJack contributing to trying to help fuel a race war is not cool. Trying to stir the pot with racial violence is exactly what the United States does not need.

    The American government is using agencies like the "New Panthers"(whatever) to cause friction.

    This way they can just round everyone up, without exception, and use martial law to keep everyone on house arrest "just in case". If any citizen in any way thinks that only Black and White people will be incarcerated they are absolutely confused. This is a simple and easy way to put everyone on curfew or in jail while taking their possessions.

  • Whoa there Grace , federaljack is not the one behind this .
    This is from a group that is very real , and a very real threat to White People everywhere .
    Sure it may well have the covert blessings of the powers that be , but that does not mean , to everyone else , that it can be ignored .
    There are what , about forty million blacks in the US ?
    Suppose that one out of forty of them , are stupid enough to fall for this line of talk .
    That would translate into one million blacks in America , who live , breath , and think , KILL WHITEY , every day .
    White people have to be on guard at all times , to not become a victim of one , or more , of these wacked out thugs .
    Yes , there are groups who are delighted to see this pot being stirred , but recognizing that fact , does not diminish the real threat presented .
    The real fact is , is that those delighted by this agitation , do not care one wit about the suffering , they are bringing upon White America , nor the effects that it will have upon Black Americans , who are not a part of this HATE WHITEY mentality .
    People , White , and Black , need to see the real enemies , and stop being led astray by diversionary propaganda efforts of weak minds , and cold hearts .

  • Holy shit, really? WTF are these delusional retards thinking? They wanna base an isolated incident which may or may not have been racially fueled, on the fate of the race?
    That’s just plain stupid. That dumbass chick needs to wake up and smell real problem. White surpremecists, black panther parties, reverend Jackson and Sharpton are the problems

  • Actually I have exposed how the race bating is being used and gone into detail about things like the king alfred plan and martial law. This is news and needed to be shown. Especially when people write articles exposing the control over these groups the government has, the authors will need to be able to link back to other articles. The website is an archive. And I have never once posted any of Al Sharpton’s rants or any of the other crap. I have not stirred anything.

  • PEOPLE PEOPLE…this is Brietbart for crise sakes….the same source that backs up Limbaugh and destroys careers by twisting facts …..sheesh….even beyond the grave his PROPAGANDA machine rolls on…

    Mad Angel on FB

  • It’s quite understandable that afro-americans would WANT to respond violently to the ongoing, escalating murders, just as it’s understandable if OCCUPY Wall Street activists would want to kick the shit out of some cops for the beatings they inflicted; and anyone who can’t understand this sentiment has either never experienced racial oppression and/or never had the guts to protest in the streets for REAL change.
    The problem is, of course, the SYSTEM has become so militarized… it WANTS us to become violent. It FEEDS off our violence, and infiltrates our ranks to provoke it; so any rebel/revolutionary today who advocates violence is an witting or unwitting collaborator.
    Fact: we need to clarify the difference between a MILITANT, serious, revolutionary response, (which takes on the real power, without giving it a response) from a violent response which just leads to our defeat.
    We need to organize towards a mass general strike, in stages, building the people’s confidence until we’re positioned to shut the whole system down and show them who’s boss… only from that position can we start negotiating, (including jail time).

  • James, your guilt by association tactics are getting old. It is now well known that socialists, communists, and multiculturalists (in other words, anti-white racists) use this tactic due to a lack of a logical argument because you are wrong! What a copout! It’s either true or it isn’t true that the New Black Panther Party wants a race war and to implement communism. It doesn’t matter that it is Brietbart if it is true. It is amazing that those idiots think that they would win!

    James, I really think that you are mixed up. My understanding is that this is not a communist and anti-white racist website.

    With regard to it being understandable for the New Black Panther Party to plan a race war. No it is not. Furthermore, blacks commit huge amounts of racist violence against whites, not vice versa. It is a fact. It is verifiable by consulting crime statistics. James, you are right that there has been an escalation in murders, black on white murders. There has also been an escalation of Polar Bear Hunting, Knockout King, Wilding, and Youth (black!) mobs of cowards with an IQ of 75 sucker punching and ganging up on outnumbered whites and old white people.

    Also, Zimmerman is a minority member himself. He is half American Indian (or at least mestizo)and half Jewish. That is the smallest minority. He is not white in the currently accepted usage. Out of the two supposedly white accused shooters in Oklahoma, ONE OF THE TWO IS AN AMERICAN INDIAN, NOT WHITE! The communist and anti-white leftist scum are grasping at straws and calling minority members white in order to smear whites and scream racism. And if you take a look at brutal interracial beatings, rapes, murders, and burning alive in the last year, blacks have done a huge amount of it to whites.

    People like me are adamantly against police beating protesters who are just exercising their right to free speech (which communists do not allow, by the way). We oppose it even when the victims of it are completely misguided communist idiots like the Occupy protestors.

    But if anti-white racists and their white idiot fanny kissing supporters or the (other) communists make war on us, we will defend ourselves and we will win.

  • P.S.

    James, far from opposing the establishment, you are supporting it. The establishment, robber barons, really, support communist revolution. They like having useful idiot moron totalitarian scum seize power for them. When scum like that take over, it is easier for them to pull everyone’s strings. If people don’t go along, you and your ilk will put them in a gulag.

    Go to the Freedom Force International website, go to The Issues page, and read the articles at the bottom, and you will see the truth.

  • Racist organization La Raza refused to defend Zimmerman even though he is one of their own. Now they are using the case of a half Hispanic or Native American and half Jewish man (who the racist ADL also refuses to defend) as an excuse for a race war against whites! The absurdity is unparalleled.

    The La Raza {¿Cual raza? La blanca o la Indigena?} HISPANIC NAZI ORGANIZATION is declaring a race war against whites.

    THIS IS AN EXTREMELY GRAVE SITUATION! DO YOU WHITE PEOPLE NOW UNDERSTAND NOW THE GRAVENESS OF THE SITUATION? Is it finally apparent? Have you studied what happens in a race war? The ethnic groups in the Balkans are for the most part quite similar ethnically as compared to Anglo-Americans, Blacks, and Mexicans. Yet you should take a look at what happened there. It will be even worse with groups that are far less genetically related.

    By the way, if you have been a long time supporter of the dishonest and racist racial aggrievement industry, you will still ultimately be betrayed by those to whom you have given support. If there is a race war, do you understand the ramifications? It means that you and your family might not survive and could also be subjected to horrific atrocities.

    On the negative side it looks as if the Hispanics and blacks might be forming an alliance.

    The positive side is that whites are still more than half of the population. In addition, the morons arrayed against you have an average IQ of about 80.

    Now an infamous street thug and vicious moron is beating the war drums too.

    White people not hispanic: 63.7%

    Gun ownership:

    Who would you bet on, 63.7% of population with higher IQs, better educations, and more guns, or two minorities with a total of 28.9% of the population. The whites live more in the suburbs and countryside and therefore have the advantage of being able to surround and choke the cities, lay them under siege. Therefore, I recommend to you minority hotheads that you stand down.

    I know that this is not politically correct, but political correctness is communist. But it must be said. How do the IQs break down in the groups inolved?

    Who do you think that the Florida and Miami affluent Cubans and South Americans with a higher IQs are going to side with? Do you think for a minute that Miami Cubans are going to side with blacks? I don’t see it happening! The white Cuban-Americans know that they are white. ¿Verdad que sí? Their ancestors came from the Iberian Peninsula in Europe and they are Caucasians.

  • Frist you sound like someone on crack, second it was not a cracker who shot the kid, third do it so you can go to jail or six feet under. MLK would not be proud of you.

  • This is a hate group if I ever saw one. I love how they talk against racism but then say let’s kill some crackers. These people need to be arrested

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