NBC Sitcom Pushes Water Fluoridation Propaganda


(J0hnn13 N4rc03)   This was personally disturbing as a fan of the sitcom Park and Recreation. Season 6, Episode 8, Fluoride is about how Leslie Knope, lovable city council woman, out of nowhere wants to put fluoride in the city’s water supply.

When the bureaucratic and typically obnoxious fellow councilors oppose her they do mention several points. An elder man states “Fluoride is used by the Communists to control our minds” which I am sure was followed by laughter in most households watching the episode. Leslie immediately replies “No, it’s not”. Another councilman asks “Fluoride can control minds? Like you can use it to make ladies do stuff?” Then Leslie follows to say “How am I the one that is getting booted off of this city council?! Ok, Fluoride is safe. It is good for you, and almost every town in America uses it.”

This scene is framed to make the men in the room who do not want it or know nothing about it seem ridiculous, where Leslie is a lovable, smart, inspiring female character who you want to support whatever she is supporting because she is the underdog you hope gets her way.

After she makes her “point” the biggest dirt bag councilman who is her nemesis in the series replies “Alright, you got me. I don’t want fluoride in the water because I’m a dentist and I like cavities.” Which is OBSURD because practically every dentist in the US swears by fluoride so that you can get dental fluorosis (pitting in the enamel of the teeth which leads to cavities!).

Knope replies “Fluoride in the water is a no brainer. Can’t you just let me have this one?” He proposes a bill to never add anything to the water supply ever. (which sounds great to most people who are in the know, but coming from this character, seems off putting).

So it goes on. The dentist councilman Jamm goes on a talk show and says “Councilwoman Lesie Knope wants to put Fluoride, which is a chemical, in to your drinking water. You know what else is a chemical? Strychnine and cyanide.” Again, sounds like a good argument if you know the true effects of fluoride injection. It becomes ludicrous when the talk show host follows with “…and dirt, and rust, and even broken glass.” Dentist: “Exactly. You definitely understand what chemicals are.” (thus disproving his previous statement to the viewer) “I would suggest if you want to contact the psychopath that wants to turn your kids into bad at math, communist, fluoride zombies, well, just call the number at the bottom of your screen.

Oh, it gets better.

Immediately she gets a call “Hello? Stop right there. You know what? Fluoride protects your teeth and is perfectly healthy for you. Well if Jam says that then he is a lying idiot and if you believe it, then so are you.” (hangs up phone).

Next phone call “Fluoride is going into the water moron”. “…all it does is prevent cavities” To her mother, “God, I expected more from you.”

In comes likable, funny Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford who proposes re branding fluoride because of the negative publicity. That’s right, tricking the public to approve a vote to put fluoride in the water by saying it’s not fluoride. She responds “I don’t think we need to sex up fluoride. It’s pretty sexy already.” (wow) Finally he convinces her to allow him to make the proposition.

Let’s skip forward to the city council meeting. Jam starts off “Alright so in conclusion, fluoride = chemical, tiny genitals, misinformation, panic, death, Jenny McCarthy.” (walks off stage).

Knope walks on “Well I don’t know councilman. That was a little dry. What do you say we have some fun, huh? Check this.” (Top starts video on screen of man sitting on park bench drinking a glass of water) Man:”Plain water, yuck! I’m bored.” (Tom enters scene with glass of water… and bow tie of course) “Then try this!” (Man turns into what appears to be a much younger and in shape man wearing only briefs while crunk music plays) “What just happened” Tom: “That water contains #TDAZZLE which makes your teeth stronger and starts a party in your mouth” (zooms into young mans perfect, white teeth that turn into sexy dancing girls). The crowd seems to love it.

Leslie says “What?! Fluoride’s boring guys! Boo! Welcome to #TDAZZLE. It’s not a chemical. It’s an aquatic based social media oral experience”. Tom: “Everyone who tweets #TDAZZLE in the next hour will be entered to win an exciting plain blue T-Shirt.” (Everyone in room picks up phone).

Next scene, Leslie opens “Our poling shows 72% are in favor of adding #TDAZZLE to their water. Effectively killing Councilman Jamm’s, so called, “Clean Water Bill”. Eat it Jamm.” Jamm: “Apology accepted. You know I have actually come around to your way of thinking on this. My only thought is why stop here? Ladies and gentlemen Sweetums president Jessica Wicks” (Sweetums is the series’ “evil corporation” responsible for the towns people’s obesity and the toxic waste that effects the food supply in town.)

Jessica: “Look, we all love #TDAZZLE but we can do more to improve our drinking supply. Sweetums is excited to propose an alternative to boring municipal water. We call it Drink-Ems”.

Ok wait… this is all too familiar.


Jamm: “Sweetums is prepared to take over Pawnee’s water. This is going to save this town buku bucks” (at this point Drink-Ems T-Shirt wearing Sweetums employees start passing out different colored liquids in sports drink bottles.”

Knope: “This water is filled with sugar. There is absolutely no way we are doing this.”

Jamm: “Too late. We are going to fill the whole reservoir with this stuff.”

Of course Knope knocks Sweetums. And her husband (who works for them loses his job) So she then needs to publicly apologize. Then he doesn’t want her to and he wants her to stick to her guns (playing into the emotions of the viewer to further support the agenda of lovable Knope). So she goes into this detailed scientific break down of how great Drink-Ems is when Tom comes up (with crunk music playing of course) “I don’t know about Y’all, but Drink-Ems seems pretty boring. Not like H2Floww” “Think of HsFloww as an app for your teeth. The more you take in, the more sparkle points you get. Get enough sparkle points and you’re on your way to your first Aqua Badge. Collect enough Aqua Badges and we’ll welcome you to the H2Floww Platinum Club.” (Holds up black card, and crowd oohs & aahhhs).


Knope: “Hey! Drink-Ems is dead. As of tomorrow every Pawnee resident will have H2Floww in their drinking water.”

Her husband, Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt: “That’s great news… H2Floww is fluoride right?”

Knope: “I think so… I’ll double check with Tom but I am like 95% sure.”

The moral of the story, Ben Wyatt won the blue T-Shirt.



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