Natural Born Citizen for Dummies

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()   This video explains everything you need to know about “natural born Citizen.” Through the research of Mario Apuzzo and Leo Donofrio, we can conclude that there is Supreme Court precedent regarding the definition of “natural born Citizen” in Minor v. Happersett (1875). That precedent is NOT affected by the 14th Amendment or by any other case law, including U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark.


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  1. Ellen1 says:

    The reason that the US Congress confirmed Obama’s election unanimously (including Reps Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul) is that the meaning of Natural Born Citizen comes from the common law and includes all the US citizens who were born in the USA. The only kind of a US citizen who is excluded is a naturalized citizen.

    The Minor vs Happersett ruling is not a definition. It says that if you have both citizen parents and birth in the USA you are, of course, a Natural Born Citizen. But it never said that both qualifications are required. In fact, it said that some people thought that birth in the country was sufficient and others thought that citizen parents were sufficient, and that it did not have to decide the matter. However, the Wong Kim Ark case, which followed the Minor vs Happersett decision and hence would have overturned it, said that every child born in the USA (except for the children of foreign diplomats) is Natural Born.

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