National League of Cities supports Operation Terrorization!

Operation Phoenix, civil rights violating program developed by ex CPS judge turned mayor of San Bernardino in California, has just received praise from the National League of Cities. This comes as one more concern for civil rights activists across the United States of America. With Vice President Joe Biden in support of the program and, now, the National League of Cities, it appears that it is only a matter of time before this program goes national.
Operation Phoenix began with a promise to rid the city of San Bernardino of gangs and drugs. Mayor Patrick J. Morris carefully organized the program so that few would see the opportunities for kickbacks from the nonprofits profiting from and employed by the program for Morris. He promised more police, and hired them; however, just last year, he wanted to lay off nearly all of those extra police officers because of funding issues. No answer has been given as to where the funding from Measure Z to obtain these police officers has gone.

The program had raids on the poor parts of town, taking Child Protective Services, Code Enforcement and police door to door, with free car seats and toys to entice the impoverished citizens to submit their families to investigations by these organizations. It has led to countless referrals of families to Child Protective Services for parents who home school their children, a dirty dish or two or simply living in a rough area of town. There was even an extra District Attorney hired at $111,000.00 per year for part time, “non-specific” work: to nit-pick the impoverished citizens of San Bernardino, Ca.

Hundreds of teenagers were harassed by police officers for simply walking along their own street, waiting on a bus to get to and from school or even sitting on their own porch. They were forced to allow their names to be ran for warrants, criminalized by the officers and scrutinized for the way they dress or even the color of their skin in certain areas of town. Some children complained of the “N” word being used on them and officers threatening to “kick in” their teeth for selling candy for a school project.

Worse, still, are the children’s community centers, where pedophile after pedophile was found working around the children of the community. Morris involved local churches in many of the aspects of the program. He dragged along pastors, whom the citizens trusted, on the raids to help convince the citizens to submit to the unlawful invasions. Recently, at a local church Morris had one children’s center located, another pedophile was found. Morris and the pastor felt the church had the right to have a registered pedophile working there, for freedom of religion purposes, and were well protected because of the tactful placement of the children’s center.

This is not the only pedophile found at this particular center, either. Only a year ago, Mike Miller was arrested on pedophilia charges. He ran the Operation Phoenix children’s center with no specific job title, being paid $144,000.00 per year. He had full access to children and even drove them around in his personal vehicle without obstruction. Nudie pic sessions with women the police department claimed were of age were held at the children’s center there and the children were encouraged to have bee-bee gun wars on the property. Miller has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial on several counts.

Social workers have been known to troll the children’s centers, talking with children at random about their home lives and opening up child protection services cases on the families participating in the program. The parents and families of the children taken in the sweeps and referrals claim they were denied the right to present evidence or call witnesses during their “trials” in Juvenile Dependency (C.P.S.) court. They were also denied jury trials. Many of the children were “diagnosed” as abused by Morris’ “Children’s Fund” charity, which gets government grants based upon how many children get services from them. Morris’ charities all have questionable expenses on their taxes.

When questioned about Operation Phoenix, Morris declined to comment several times. He also used his position as mayor of San Bernardino to stop a requested investigation into Operation Phoenix by city councilwomen Wendy McCammack and Esther Estrada. Esther Estrada wanted to investigate the children’s centers to ensure the safety of the children there; however, Morris manipulated the vote to prevent the investigation. Morris has yet to apologize to the children who were sexually abused at the center.

Recently, the police department in San Bernardino were offered evidence indicating that another pastor involved in Operation Phoenix is discouraging people to report pedophiles and assisting in obtaining housing for them within the city where they are free to roam and molest children at will, citing “high political stress times” as their reason not to accept the evidence freely offered to them. The police chief does serve at the discretion of Morris and it is not known if Morris yet knows about the evidence; however, it would be inconceivable to this reporter to believe that he does not.

Given the gravity of the situation, this reporter requests support for Morris’ political rival, Jim Penman, as mayor of San Bernardino. Jim Penman has no financial interest in unconstitutional programs, like Operation Phoenix and does support a fair investigation into Operation Phoenix’s practices. He is currently running for mayor of San Bernardino, at the request of this reporter and many other citizens in his area. Given the fact that he has been the city attorney for decades and has served without under the table deals, like Morris (ex C.P.S. and drug court judge) did.

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