Napolitano Reports to CFR on Stasi Snoop Network

Janet Napolitano(INFO WARS)   Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to New York to deliver a speech to the boss today. She told the Council on Foreign Relations there will be no departure from the Bush administration in regard to homeland security. It will be the same agenda with a few minor changes — for instance, the color-coded threat advisory will be chucked.

“Napolitano sang the praises of counter-terrorism intelligence being shared between federal, state and local agencies through arrangements known as fusion centers,” writesFrank James for NPR. Napolitano said she plans “to make them a top priority for this department to support them, build them, improve them and work with them.”

Translation: the feds will continue the full-steam ahead effort to federalize state and local law enforcement, an effort that began in earnest under Bill Clinton and picked up critical momentum during the reign of George W. Bush.

“Napolitano sounded just like her predecessors Ridge and Michael Chertoff,” James continues. “And she talked about educating the populace about how to be the eyes and ears of counter-terrorism and also how to respond to the aftermath of man-made or natural disasters,” or for that matter government contrived false flag operations.

Napolitano told the internationalist cabal in New York that the American people suffer from “complacency” and this is a “threat in the United States.” In order to combat complacency, the government has to do more to “educate” the public on the threat posed by terrorists and other miscreants. In other words, Napolitano admitted the incessant warnings of impending doom — from dirty bombs in major cities to bad guys taking out nuclear plants — have not worked.

Napolitano said the public has to be recruited, sort of like the public was recruited in East Germany by the Stasi. “For too long we’ve treated the public as a liability to be protected rather than an asset in our nation’s collective security,” she declared. Napolitano said the country’s “counter-terrorism efforts” should include the public, that “you are the ones who know if something is not right in your communities, such as a suspicious package, or unusual activities.”

Of course, “unusual activities” are in the eye of the beholder, especially a beholder that has endured nearly a decade of incessant propaganda about terrorism, most of it entirely fictional and bogus.

“To an intelligence agent, informant, or law enforcement officer,” Bruce Fein, of Bruce Fein & Associates and The Lichfield Group, said earlier this year, “everything unconventional or unorthodox looks like at least a pre-embryonic terrorist danger.” According to Fein, using the standards proposed by the Department of Homeland Security and fusion centers scattered around the country, everyone from the Founding Fathers to abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison to suffragette Susan B. Anthony would have been the subject of SARs, or suspicious activity reports.

Now SARs and intelligence reports are filed on the supporters of Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin, as a fusion center report produced by the Missouri State Police indicated earlier this year. Napolitano’s DHS produced a report of its own on “rightwing extremism” that characterized militia members, Second Amendment advocates, returning veterans, pro-life and anti-illegal immigration activists as terrorists.

In addition to fostering a snoop culture, Janet Napolitano told the CFR her agency wants to “get to a point where we are in a constant state of preparedness, not a constant state of fear.” In order to do this, the government and its enlisted army of snoops, stool pigeons, and rat finks need to “monitor home-grown threats.”

Between 1950 and 1989, the Stasi employed a total of 274,000 persons in an effort to root out the “class enemy,” that is to say anybody and everybody who opposed communism and East Germany’s Soviet-styled state. The Stasi had close to 500,000 inoffizielle Mitarbeiter (IMs), or informers, which approximated 5% of East Germany’s population between the ages of 18 and 60. The Stasi secret police and informer network rivaled that of both the Gestapo and the Soviet KGB.

It is said the former head of the Stasi, Markus Wolf, was hired by Homeland Security as a consultant back in 2003. Ditto KGB General Yevgeni Primakov.

The journalist Mike Whitney speculates that the stories about Wolf and Primakov might be “fabrications intended to mislead independent research,” but considering the track record of the Bush administration — murderous invasions claiming the lives of well over a million people, torture, rape rooms, assassination squads, massive and illegal surveillance, etc. — it is entirely possible.

It is a well established fact the United States recruited Nazis after World War Two. In addition to Wernher von Braun, Arthur Rudolph and Hubertus Strughold, the CIA recruited Nazi ideologue Emil Augsburg, an officer at the infamous Wannsee Institute, an SS mass extermination think tank. SS officer Klaus Barbie, “The Butcher of Lyon” was employed by the US Army after WW2 to spy on the French and other Nazi leaders, regarded as “specialists in anti-resistance activities,” were used in counterintelligence operations in Italy.

But even without the expertise of Wolf and Primakov, it should be obvious the United States is well along in the multifaceted process of creating a police state — or rather a political police force answerable to the executive (and those who control the executive) and tasked with maintaining the political power of the state rather than upholding the rule of law or for that matter protecting the nation against real terrorists (such as the economic and social terrorists gathered before Napolitano as she gave her speech).

A key characteristic of a police state is the creation and maintenance of a vast network of spies, informants, and agents provocateurs — again, not to guard against foreign enemies or criminals, but to hunt down, discredit, and render ineffective political dissidents.

Napolitano was in New York to inform her bosses at the Council on Foreign Relations that the secret police agency known as the Department of Homeland Security is on schedule and nothing — except that silly threat level meter — has changed in the supposed transition between the Bush and Obama administrations.

She was also sending a message to would-be snoops around the country — your services are required, especially if your neighbor has a Ron Paul bumper sticker on his car, talks about the Second Amendment, or says the Federal Reserve needs to be audited.

Incidentally, in the case of the Stasi and East Germany, only 7.7%, according to official figures, were coerced into cooperating. Most people cooperated with the state because they were made to feel important or were given material or social incentives.

It will be the same here when our particular brand of Stasi gets moving in earnest.

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