Myron The Rat Update

(Stephanie Kienzle)   After laying low for several months since he was shamed out of office, former North Miami Beach mayor Myron Rosner’s name has been resurfacing lately like a sewer rat slipping out of manholes at night for a scurry about town under cover of darkness.  People have been asking about the status of the various ongoing investigations of our resident rodent, and I’ve been doing a little worm digging on their behalf.  For starters, his trial before the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics for all the allegedly illegal construction on his property is tentatively scheduled for September 22, 2011, barring any additional continuations his latest attorney will try to finagle.  The trial was to have originally been held last September, and was continued to March of this year.  Then Myron somehow managed to have it delayed until this past June so that it wouldn’t interfere with his thankfully unsuccessful bid for re-election.  The trial was then continued yet again due to the resignation of the then Ethics Commission chief, Robert Myers, who was replaced by then State Attorney Joe Centorino.  Why it was necessary to postpone Myron’s trial just because there was a changing of the guard is one of life’s greatest mysteries.  It’s not as if Mr. Centorino wasn’t fully aware of the myriad complaints filed against Myron for the past three years, the ethics violation charges being the only ones to stick at the time.  Nevertheless, Myron’s trial was continued until, hopefully, next month – more than two years after they were filed.

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