MSNBC: Ron Paul as Lead Role in the GOP Cast of Gilligan’s Island

(E. Nordstrom of FederalJack)   Tuesday night’s  (08-23-2011) Rachel Maddow Show/MSNBC has admitted that Congressman Ron Paul is the primary GOP candidate.  The point was made clearly by Maddow’s comparisons of the cast of candidates with the characters from the popular television show Gilligan’s Island. The Congressman from Texas, now elevated to star status with Ron Paul juxtaposed as the lead role.  Mitt Romney was cast as a mere supporting role to the primary character.  It would appear that MSNBC has illuminated that as the island was Gilligan’s, the election is Ron Paul’s.


3 Responses to MSNBC: Ron Paul as Lead Role in the GOP Cast of Gilligan’s Island

  • Through all this dog and pony show we must not lose sight/efforts to overhaul our voting systems. WE MUST move forward on transparent vote tabulation and accounting for this coming election before it’s too late. Proper vote count will be essential to validate results instead of courts shrugging shoulders and refusing to press investigations on questionable results. (Hacking Democracy- HBO Documentary- watch it) God Speed USA

  • I think I nailed it about Rachel Maddow , SNARKY Minutia about Nothing and Avalanche of Useless ,political Diarrhea .

  • I want that wasted 11:48 of my life back!

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