MSNBC hosts agree: Only whites can be racist


(BIZ PAC REVIEW)   In an apparent nod to a network colleague’s recent claim that only whites can be racist, an MSNBC legal analyst opined that the term, “creepy-ass cracker,” was merely a “light-hearted” manner in which to describe someone.

Lisa Bloom appeared on MSNBC Friday to analyze the George Zimmerman case, which is now in the hands of the jury. The phrase, “creepy-ass cracker,” was allegedly used by the victim, Trayvon Martin, to describe Zimmerman in a telephone conversation with one of the prosecution’s star witnesses on the night Martin was shot, according to Mediaite.

“I personally think it’s almost funny,” Bloom said. “I think that’s the kind of way you talk and get a smile. ‘Look at this creepy-ass cracker.’ It’s kind of an amusing way of describing somebody. The word, ‘creepy,’ is really the operative part of that word, that he was concerned. This guy is creepy, but in a little light-hearted way.”

Bloom contrasted that comment with Zimmerman’s alleged description of Martin as a “f**king punk” and an “a-hole,” saying those terms are “not in the least bit funny.”

Bloom must have been tuned into her network in early April, when “Hardball” host Chris Matthews defined racism as “the belief that one race – whites – should rule all others.”


3 Responses to MSNBC hosts agree: Only whites can be racist

  • Descriptions like "f**king punk and a-hole” where not meant to be "funny". Those descriptions were meant to be accurate.

    More info is now being released on this obviously troubled young man’s (Trayvon) recent history. Info that has yet to be vetted says that Treyvon had recently gotten a 10 day suspension from school for assault on a bus driver. We will see.

    His personal pictures showing his gold grill (gold teeth), drugs and weapons looks like this young man was immersed in the gangster or gangster-wannabe counter-culture. I have no idea why the media are absolutely insisting on showing pictures of this young man when he was much, much younger. This tragedy appears to be a political circus being used by different groups to advance their agendas.

  • No no NO! Trayvon was all Skittles, soda pop, the playground, and happy days!! Say it isn’t so!
    The logic and reasoning of Chris Matthews is way beyond pathetic! How can someone seriously utter such convoluted utterances and still be employed??? Or even ALIVE??
    Regarding Lisa Bloom, wow, dumb doesn’t get much blonder!!!!!!!

  • "How can someone seriously utter such convoluted utterances and still be employed?"

    They were hired to deliver the propaganda. They are delivering exactly what the men-behind-the-curtain have told them to do.

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