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  • i can understand why they take away your right to bear arms when u have a felony.i don’t agree with it, but i do understand the way of thinking that led to that law.
    but what i don’t understand is why, after a person is released from prison, he is told he cant hunt,period.not in those words, mind you.
    in missouri they state it something like”no projectile weapons”. that can be anything from a peashooter to a bow and arrow, or slingshot.
    im an avid bowhunter whos facing a felony charge.not just an avid bowhunter, but that is about the only stress relief i have all me, “….life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ,means 4 months of solitary hunting every year.
    i know that nothing can be done about it soon enough to help me,but what can we do so others do not face the same thing? our congressional members do not respond to letters if they do not like the content.

  • Just signed up! Thanks again Popeye <3

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