Mother furious high school coach had her son baptized

(RAW STORY)   The mother of a Kentucky high school football player is furious over the Christian baptism of her son during what he said was supposed to be a school outing to eat a steak dinner and see a “motivational speaker.”

Instead, Breckinridge County High School football coach Scott Mooney took 20 of his players on a trip to a Baptist revival, where eight or nine of the students underwent the Christian ritual of baptism, according to published reports.

Michelle Ammons, mother of 16-year-old Robert Coffee, said she’s upset that nobody ever asked her consent to take her son to the August 26 religious ceremony. She added that she’s even more upset with the school district superintendent Janet Meeks, who was at the revival and did not object to the coach including his students.

“Nobody should push their faith on anybody else,” Ammons told the Louisville Courier-Journal.

The Associated Press noted that Ammons has consulted a lawyer regarding her options in the matter.

Meeks said she did not see anything wrong with the trip, as it was voluntary and fuel for the bus had been paid for by another coach, AP added.

“None of the players were rewarded for going and none were punished for not going,”Meeks told the Courier-Journal.

“The bottom line here is that public schools have no business meddling in the private religious lives of students,” says advocacy group Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. “Decisions about where, how, if and when to worship belong at home with the parents, who are free to consult with the religious leaders of their choice.”

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