Morgan Freeman Says The TEA Party & Any Opposition To Obama Is Racist

23 Responses to Morgan Freeman Says The TEA Party & Any Opposition To Obama Is Racist

  • It is Not Racist.. Obama is a Fucking Liar and you don’t allow liars to continue to lie you into Wars (Like BUSH)/ How many more Thousands of American’s have died from Bush’s Lies and the Million or so of Iraqi’s and thousands of Afghan’s. LIE LIE LIE.

    If Obama stood on one issue like White House TRANSPARENCY… IT WOULD BE A LIE TOO.

    I don’t give a damn what color or how long his dick is, I hate Liars!!!

  • Just reaffirms my belief that MOST actors should never be let off their leashes and should NEVER open their mouths without a script in front of them. Besides to state that you may or may not speak is unconstitutional, isn’t it? Also, to state that one may not disagree with someone based solely on their PERCEIVED race, is racist, isn’t it? Just for the record, soetoro/obama/davis, whatever his real name is, isn’t black. Think you’ve been hoisted by your own petard there, Morg.

  • He’s an actor, why do we give a crap about his opinion? Morgan just make movies and keep your mouth shut on subjects that you are clueless about. Obama is a liar and his administration feels like the Bush administration part 2. You would have to be a complete moron to make it this into a racial issue. There is nothing racist about disagreeing with politicians.

  • The avenge of a black man – funny – isn’t.

  • I agree with MajWilliamMartin, his comments are right on, obama is a liar, liar liar

  • The new USA, any criticism of any black public figure and it’s 100 percent racism. I just lost any respect or admiration I had for Morgan Freeman!

  • Obama is feckless, an idiot, a warmongering freak, one stupid asshat, arrogant, servile, antiPalestinian, whorish, corrupt, war criminal, liar, gas bag, barf bag, ninny, skinny, tinny, wanton, cruel, drooly, AND I voted for the lying piece of s*@t! I will not EVER make that mistake again.
    Morgan Freeman can STFU and keep his opinions to himself.

  • Morgan Freeman is a stupid nigger for thinking that opposition to Obama is racist.

  • I held Morgan Freeman in the highest regard until now. The race card? Really? What about all the campaign promises? Mr. Freeman, please name me one campaign promise Obama has kept. You just opened your mouth and racist shit came out. Stick to acting and scripts.

  • The Jews like that trick too! Antisemitic or whatever if you just mention they wrecked our money. Morgan is right though, being rasist comes along with knowing what blacks do to each other like the rapes in Africa today.

  • Yeah. He is OUR banker toadie! We like him because he is fucking black! And that’s as far as I’m willing to go!

  • Love Morgan. Got it all wrong here.

  • Two notable black people who have spoken the truth about the whole situation are KRS one and Prodigy (Mobb Deep.) I guess they are racist against themselves, like those chapelle’s show skits with that black and blind white supremecist. Unfortunately KRS one and prodigy say that most of their black communities are completely oblivious to what is going on and think that since a black man is in office everything will be better. Anyway, most hollywood actors are told that their careers will be destroyed if they go against what the mainstream media wants them to say, so for the most part listening to them is just like turning on msnbc, fox, etc. Just a propaganda outlet.

  • Morgan Freeman just stuck his foot in his mouth! Obama is half-white!!!!!! He is never going to be all black.
    So Morgan Freeman is actually saying that Obama’s black genes are all that count- AND THAT IS THE REAL RACISM!!!!!

  • I always find hilarious to see people trying to make excuses to defend politicians they don’t really know.. Especially bad politicians.
    Lost a whole lot of respect for Morgan, he’s still a good actor, but a very narrow minded and, apparently, passive aggressive individual.
    If you are incompetent, it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, blue or green, YOU ARE INCOMPETENT. Racism has nothing to do with the fact that Obama says what people want to hear and does what the banks need to get done. Hypocrisy to say the least.

  • In today’s America you are only allowed to say anything negative about white men. Saying anything even remotely negative about anyone of any other group makes you racist, sexist or anti-semitic. White men = evil. Everyone else = a victim of white men. The only exception are while male Jews, who of course get a free pass since they are the ultimate victims.

  • There are many blacks who feel that their race is exempted from being asshole’s, liar’s, cheat’s, etc., so if you criticize or find fault with someone who is black and you’re white then you must be a racist. There is no one more racist than black people.

  • It is just unbelievable that someone that is white really thought Morgan Freeman was a great american and actor.We just loved him as his acting.When you find out that he is trying to make black and white hate each other it make us wonder what is going on.If morgan Freeman wants black and white to hate each other he should be man enough to say it and not hide behind his fame.Being a white hater(morgan Freeman) puts you into another world.If white and black don’t stand together’we will all fail and it will end for us all.Yes (freeman) I do believe in the tea party and we do believe in the good and the power in our brothers on our right hand.

  • God you have to freakin’ love it. Morgan Freeman Say’s we hate Obumbler because he is black. It could not be because he as all but destroyed America and has done NONE of what he promised. Obama has proven to be nothing more than Bush on massive amounts of steroids..Wake the fuck up Freeman, and smell the destruction of America by your “homie” Obama…

  • Freedman and Obama will not rest until every dollar has left all white peoples cold dead hands!

  • Are there any black people left that don’t play the race card? I heard James Earl Ray who’s a supposed Republican has the same sentiments. I guess to be black means never having to filter your commentary, which would be fine if whites were accorded the same luxury without having their lives ruined.

  • i guess the shoe is on the other foot now- if morhan freeman doesn’t like trump- he is just a racist!

    ouch- didn’t see that coming- did you, morgan?

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