This Obamanation was spotted on a street in Kokomo, IN


3 Responses to MORE OBAMA WORSHIP: The Obama flag

  • Sounds like history is repeating itself when it comes to leader worship, like hitler in WWII, sickening as it sounds many people believe that thies joker is the one that is going to deliver us from all of our problems, although it seem that he is continuing on with the prior adminiistration, we are the only ones that can do anything about the NWO take over ,we need to be strong enough to unite against tyranny, our fore fathers took on the king of England know it is our turn to take on the joker who calls himself our president. Terms were made synomous with the American Revolution, These colors don’t run, Dont tread on me, and the probally the most famous of all frmo Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or giver me death!” I stand behind these statements because this is who we all are, Constitutionalist Patriot

    3%er till death

    godspeed to all us out there who are willing to stand up and make things right

  • That is very disrespectful of old glory and the person flying it needs to be charged with desecrating the US flag and flogged/whipped in public or just outright beaten to a pulp.

  • This flag is symbolic of what Obama is doing to the United States. His giving our nation a facelift–and his face will be the only one lifted.

    I hope the people flying that flag will wake up before America, with all the hope of freedom that the founding fathers intended for us, is gone. We need change, but not this kind of change. Obama’s change alters our foundational principals just as this flag is altered.

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