Mitt Romney Caught Cheating? Is The Campaign Over?

3 Responses to Mitt Romney Caught Cheating? Is The Campaign Over?

  • God Bless America, is this flim a joke, I assure you that Romney is not the only criminal "WE THE PEOPLE" have in government. What has happen in this nation is not done by any one person, the whole government is a corrupt machine from top to bottom. Lets quit the covering up, of the total corruption "WE THE PEOPLE" now have for government. All the politicians that did not step in to stop the corruption, are as guilty as the ones doing the crime. Now "WE THE PEOPLE" have bought the lies and do not have the faintest idea what true leadership is, leaders most be of high MORAL CHARACTOR, today all you hear people say , I will vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Any evil is too much, "WE THE PEOPLE’ NEED TO GROW UP AND WAKE UP ,THE NATION AND THE WORLD FOR THE COMMON MAN ARE GOING TO CHANGE FOR THE WORST.

  • For awhile, I thought the guy speaking was Popeye…

  • this ain’t nothing but another DOG and PONY show,good greef please wake up,the elections are riged and OBAMMY knows it,why don’t you…..all the bells are ringing and the american people think "OH we’ll just vote him out" the hell you will,he can’t be voted out anymore than I fly to the moon on saturdays,does anyone really believe after he takes the gun’s and his croneys rape and pillage the country there will be fair elections……….stupid,stupid……………

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