Mind Control and the New World Order by Al Neal

MIND CONTROL(FEDERALJACK)   Al Neal reveals the subliminal messages hidden in ads, TV, movies and more.  Regardless of how you feel about religion, pay attention to the whole movie because it will open your eyes to the subliminal messages.  Take note, this was filmed in 1997, that’s important because of what he is talking about.  Think back to 9/11, OKC, and the first WTC bombing.  Open your mind and you won’t be sorry, I promise you this, its worth it.


4 Responses to Mind Control and the New World Order by Al Neal

  • oh ya it is so hideous what this other demonic dimension looks like if you could only see what i have seen you would be scared !but on this side what we living beings are in is being manipulated and if you are aware of it they want you to join them to steal you soul, condemn you,because your power helps take them out,sort of like star wars the dark side trying to steal luke’s mind away a simple way to put it, you see the manipulation there .there are things forces hard to understand ,and there is light forces that heals to make your mind pure ,taken out the evil that infects the brain and thoughts.and the masonic elite behind this try to twist things make it sound like they will protect you as they lie con you and infect you for control and depopulation,and the more people wake up to the truth the less power they have ,thats why they the satan spawn elite are getting so desperate to get that chip in you!but in the end they will lose and that will be the begin ing for peace when the nwo and there puppets are gone there will be a major feeling of relief every were and across the universe this is going on else were as well like a domino effect across the world and universe then .so yes we are being bombarded by these elf waves and subliminal messages and there are evil forces in an other dimension as well as this one , but in the end or begin ing these abusive evil things that hijacked every thing will be gone.

  • there mind control is getting weaker by the day!

  • is this brainwashing about brainwashing????? how will i ever know!?

  • You did such a great job exposing this! Once people start waking up to the pattern, it will expose itself. Rainman is another name for Satan. Everyone loves Raymond came out the same time as Everyone hates Chris(t), I love Lucy(ifer). They love symbols and colors in their names:Red Skeleton, Red Fox, Foxworthy, Rock, Rock and Roll. Deut.32:28-35 "For their Rock is not like our Rock". They like to say things backwards, so now instead of Rock on- I am on Rock. The real Rock, not some rock and roll(Mayan context?)Listen to the words people, and when you see a t.v. commercial joking about stealing your mind, listen to them, and if you have a President joking about drones….

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