Microsoft lays out plans to unleash ‘altered parasitic organisms’ on humans

(SLASHDOT)   In its just-published patent application for Adapting Parasites to Combat Disease, Microsoft lays out plans to unleash ‘altered parasitic organisms’ on humans, including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, leeches, pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, heart worms, roundworms, lice (head, body, and pubic), and the like.  ‘Irradiated mosquitoes can be used to deliver damaged Plasmodium to individuals,’ explains Microsoft. ‘Instead of contracting malaria, an individual receiving the damaged Plasmodium develops an immune response that renders the individual resistant to contracting malaria.’  Don’t worry about runaway breeding, advises Microsoft — ‘a termination feature [that] can include programmed death’ makes this impossible.  As David Spade might say, I liked this movie the first time I saw it — when it was called Jurassic Park.

14 Responses to Microsoft lays out plans to unleash ‘altered parasitic organisms’ on humans

  • …I can’t imagine this is as ominous as it’s being made out to be here. That said, the people named in the patent should therefore not be unwilling to address your concerns. After all, our company’s own published values states that we aim to be an open company: “As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect” here: My personal experience for 8 years here is that these values are truly aimed for everywhere.

    So if you’d like to reach the Microsoft people named in the patent (which is a public document) rather than just gripe about our company, here are their email aliases. You can also call Microsoft’s main number and have the automated switchboard route you to their phones at +1(425)882-8080.

    Eric Horvitz
    Simon Mercer
    Sonia Carlson
    Chris “Jim” Karkanias
    David Heckerman

  • The point is not how nice your job at Microsoft is sir. The point is no one should be designing organisms to vacinate people which can and will be used without their consent. They already have something called a syringe which works very well but requires that the patient know they are being injected with a substance. The Microsoft patent will make mosquitoes that inject you with vaccines to be released in droves on a target population, now the mosquitoes are not going to ask if someone wants the drug they will just inject everyone. This is forced medication and against our American way of life to force inoculate people without their knowledge or consent ( or at least it used to be ).

    All that combined with its stealth factor, such as you won’t know if the mosquitoe that just bit you is a normal mosquitoe or if it just injected you with bird flu. I for one don’t trust Microsoft or the USA Government enough to accept this type of behavior.

    Bill Gates is a NWO piece of scum anyway for his promotion of the carbon dioxide is warming the planet BS ( which will be profitable ) when if you study this you find that the SUN controls our warming and cooling cycles ( no money in that since you can’t tax the sun). So if he is willing to sell the Global Warming Fraud and runs around Africa trying to vaccinate people ( probably sterilize them actually ) then I don’t trust that he has anyones best interest at heart but his own and those of his fellow NWO cronies.

  • Road to hell is paved with good intentions. The hubris of the new overlord class – they believe themselves immune to unintended consequences, yet this arrogant ruling class was created itself as an unintended (?) consequence of letting wealth and power concentrate into the hands of a few.

    OUR genes, OUR world’s environment, OUR nation’s well-being and future should not be controlled by over-monied despots who think they know best. I hardly want a company who can’t get software right to be a planetary despot controlling weather and bioengineering involuntary vaccinations. Yet nothing could go wrong because they ‘value integrity’? Real integrity would prohibit billionaires’ overreach.

  • This may be the worst PR move MS has ever made. I know that just reading about it is enough for me to consider switching all of my computers to a different operating system.

    I’ll spread the news of this arrogance at every chance I get. These people be some sick puppies.

  • Modifying organisms to stealthily administer medicines is diabolical and unscientific. It’s not only not consensual, but totally willy-nilly. Pearl from MS- yes it is very, very ominous. It represents this new age of abrogration of natural rights where if you or your loved ones are harmed by unintended consequences, you’re just a statistic that no one even wants to track.

  • You see? … this is the consequences of allowing a drop-out nerd with no knowledge of social skills to amass this amount of money.

  • Golly, Pearl, Eric, Simon, Sonia, Chris “Jim”, and David — I certainly hope you mean it about Microsoft’s values being aimed everywhere so that you’ll be testing the efficacy of these critters on yourselves and your families first. That way we’ll really believe you when you say that your intentions are altruistic.

    Until then, we’ll all just assume that anyone who thinks that unleashing potential death and illness on an unsuspecting population is a good thing are complete slime and probably should be given Mengele as a last name. Then, you should be tried for crimes against humanity.

  • Okay…so these are genetically modified organisms, that will be introduced into the human body. How do we know that won’t alter our own genetic makeup?

    I am afraid to take this article seriously.

  • Death to Gates and each and every other eugenicist. They must all be exterminated, their genes erased, for the benefit of mankind. They must be made an example of, so that other rich freaks in the future take heed before embarking on the genocide of “the useless eaters” as War Criminal Henry Kissinger puts it so succinctly. Gates cannot possibly hide from hundreds of thousands of enraged citizens bent on killing him and his satanic cohorts. This garage start-up, low intelligence abberation of American mutant genetics must be destroyed along with any progeny he has sired. They are all INSANE to think they can survive a revolution of The People, and the sooner killed and disposed of the better for mankind. This includes all the so-called “doctors” and “scientists,” lab technicians and anyone on down to the janitor of Microsoft and companies that are in collusion. Everyone knowledgeable and complicit must be exterminated.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  • This bill gates exhibits psychological symptoms of extended periods of cocaine addiction, to go with working 20 hours a day to build microsoft. What do you say there, Bill?

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