Michio Kaku Hyping Alien Invasion As Corporate Media Says Alien Threat Would Help Global Governance


(FEDERALJACK)   Project Bluebeam Imminent? Michio Kaku Hyping Alien Invasion As Corporate Media Says Alien Threat Would Help Global Governance.


3 Responses to Michio Kaku Hyping Alien Invasion As Corporate Media Says Alien Threat Would Help Global Governance

  • I can’t even watch this video. It is absurd. I’ve got a hypothetical situation that will help global governance, uhh….reign in the “too big to fails” let them fail so that righteous banks can take their place. Suck dry the wealth of those who were the perpetrators behind this grand scheme, guys like Greenspan and the CEO’s of Wall Streets financial elite, mortagage lenders etc. Don’t reward their criminally negligent lack of fiduciary responsiblity by bailing them out with tax payer dollars! Remember these are the same people who abhor socialism! Repeal the legislation from the past 30 years, go back to what worked after the Great Depression. Duhh. then people will have jobs and stop rioting. The wealth gap is becoming far too wide, and those at top are hoarding all of the capital which could be infused into small businesses which could hire employees.

  • On the one hand, he’s been honest when it comes to radiation. He has gone on TV and said that Fukushima is an absolute disaster. Rense has pointed this out, and said a couple of weeks ago that Kaku is a “friend” of his show.

    However, with his statements last fall about the Chinese missle being an airliner contrail, and other nonsense, the only thing I can add is that historically, CCNY is a bastion of intellectual kooks.

  • In the above video clips, Michio Kaku propagates several pieces of false data:

    1. He claims that we have "no evidence" of any advanced alien cultures existing yet. That is completely false.

    The existence of technologically superior races from other star systems has been known for thousands of years now, and even before 05 July, 1947, the U.S. military was in-possession of and studying evidence of same.

    2. He says that Reagan mentioned an invasion scenario by "Martians". That is also false.

    In Regan’s comments on this scenario, given in several different places including the U.N., he never used the word "Martians", he referred instead to "another species existing outside in the universe" and "an alien race".

    You can see one of those videos here: http://www.upwardvectorpubs.com/62sprtufo.htm

    3. The third false idea, common to the general belief systems currently in-place, is that we as a race have been steadily advancing for millions of years, and will continue this "upward trend". However, when one takes a larger, and much longer view, it can be seen that we have actually been in a slow, steady decline, as spiritual beings, for a very long time now. The recent advancement in technology during the past thousand years, just as it has occurred several times in the past on this planet, hides the long-term downward trend so long as people remain focused on the recent spike, and do not see the previous cycles of advance and decline which are a part of the larger and longer trend.

    It is however quite true that an "alien invasion" scenario was developed and planned in order to help facilitate the implementation of a "New World Order", and as a matter of fact, that ploy was also successfully used once before back in June and July of 1947…

    See also: Levels of Deception – parts 1 & 2

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