Michelle Obama Transgender Alligations, Alex Jones, Joan Rivers, & Bigfoot

(SACRED OWLS) I have been an Alex Jones supporter for years but every now and then the direction they go in is not one I would choose if I worked at Infowars. This is one of those occasions. This is the first I am hearing about this whole Joan Rivers slur or any allegations of Michelle Obama being transgender but whether or not there is any merit to it I would not even touch this issue at the moment for a number of political reasons.

It sounds crazy.

Michelle Obama Is A Man

If you Google “Michelle Obama” “Michelle Obama Is A Man” is the first suggestion at the moment.

In my time with FederalJack (OSINT) we chose the topics we that we would research, analyse, critique, debate, cross reference, then expose very carefully based on merit, urgency, provability, documentation, and relevance. Now I see where they were going with the relevance because of the genetic by product of GMO, BPA, etc. and the relation to intentional “gender bending” which is well documented, in their own words, my numerous politicians, political theorists, & eugenicists.

There is definitely an agenda to make men more feminine and women more masculine by design.

However, even with the research I have done and the clandestine and occult knowledge I have acquired from that research, this allegation sounded kind of nuts. Even with some of his valid arguments and observations, to a layman this would appear to be a simple, hateful, childish, and ignorant attack on the first lady.

It is hard enough to convince everyday people who are not political scholars that there is in fact covert ops against the people of the this United States by it’s own government and that it’s nothing new, the fact that there are false flag operations, & the facts that the 9/11 commission report’s claims defy the laws of physics and documented building history. So any prudent investigative journalist tends to shy away from the Ancient Alien theories, Bigfoot, and David Icke’s Reptilian theories if they want to establish ANY credibility with the majority. Even when avoiding things people look at our well documented claims with tons of evidence as “crack pot, tinfoil hat, conspiracy theories”. Even Alex Jones has avoided the alien and reptilian stuff in the past. Let’s hope he sticks with it. Incrementalism is an important tool in the game of information warfare. If we want the real “evil doers” to be the frog and not us, we must expose carefully in order to gain trust with the masses.

It sounds like an attack against transgender community.

It is very difficult to get the growing demographic of homosexual, gender queer, transgender, and all the growing sub categories of sexual preference / identity groups and individuals who feel alienated for a plethora of reasons to get on board and research then fight evil powers that are the same ones oppressing their right to get married, adopt, and all the other rights that they are fighting to get. We need to get everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, preference, ideology to understand that it’s all the same few people that are putting poisons in the food, water, medicine, and products as well as war profiteering, abducting and torturing dissidents, kidnapping, raping, trafficking women and children that they do not kill, suicide people, act like terrorists and blame the innocent opposition to their crimes before they are exposed. We are all on the same side if life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are what we want. So having headlines like “Is Michelle Obama A Man?!” polarities and alienates people with alternative lifestyles which then destroys all of the positive work that has been done for those same people by organizations like Infowars.

So in closing, whether or not Michelle is a man, woman, or something between. It is irrelevant to Sacred Owls quest for truth and exposure of the agendas of this administration, the previous, and the next and the bosses they all share. You will be brought down because of your agendas and ideologies to control then destroy us all, not because of your gender or sexual preference.

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