Miami Beach Police Union Rep: “We Have Arrest Quotas Every Memorial Day Weekend”

(MIAMI NEW TIMES)   The chief of Miami Beach Police is insisting that his officers do not have a 2,000-arrest quota this Memorial Day weekend. But the department’s union vice president tells Riptide that he witnessed a major announce the quota at an officer roll call — and that his department has such quotas every year during the predominantly-black party weekend on South Beach.
“It’s racial profiling,” says Det. Gustavo Sanchez, “and it’s against our operating procedure.”

Sanchez says that Major Angel Vasquez– widely regarded to be Chief Raymond Martinez’s second-in-command– announced the 2,000-arrest quota to officers.

On Monday, union president Alejandro Bello wrote to chief Martinez, claiming that “numerous officers” reported a supervisor announcing the quota. Bello called the quota “patently unfair and unjust to both our officers and the community.”

In an emailed response, Martinez insisted that “there is no arrest quota for Memorial Day Weekend or any other day on Miami Beach.”

But statistical arrest requirements are nothing new, claims the union veep Sanchez. Though he says the current chief has been smart enough to avoid issuing quotas himself, he recalls former chief Don DeLucca demanding 1,000 arrests before a Memorial Day weekend. (DeLucca now helms the Golden Beach force.)

Slacking on quotas can get you confined to desk duty, says Sanchez. Going arrest-crazy gets you rewarded: “There’s a payoff for the cop who helps fill the quotas, because it effects their evaluation. The first consideration becomes making an arrest. That’s all they care about. They don’t care if it’s a bullshit arrest. They don’t care if it’s dismissed.”

Questioned about Sanchez’s comments, police spokesperson Vivian Hernandez says: “We have no quotas here at MBPD. If there was some sort of quota that they say was issued, it may have been a misunderstanding or taken out of context. Angel Vasquez did not issue any quota.”

We’ve embedded the emails sent between union president Bello and Chief Martinez:


2 Responses to Miami Beach Police Union Rep: “We Have Arrest Quotas Every Memorial Day Weekend”

  • hey federal jack, go fuck yourself you fucking idiot

  • any and all officers of the law in miami and miami beach, should know that it is your obligation to protect and to serve the very citizens that you were all sworn to do once you signed up to become an officer..racial profiling is wrong from a moral stand point and no one is above moral law. i speak for all black americans when i say that, what goes around comes around..always remember that the citizens that you guys persecute out number you dramatically. if we to organize and and exact the kind of hatred and bigotry that you all display towards to you well, i think that would be just fine.. always treat people with people respect and you will be surprised how we all would be willing to cooperate when you should ever need us to come to your aid..

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