MEDIA FAIL: Muslim Brotherhood Mentioned 38 Times During Single Hannity Program

3 Responses to MEDIA FAIL: Muslim Brotherhood Mentioned 38 Times During Single Hannity Program

  • I think he sould have mentioned it 100 times to wake up the liberal assholes and republican dunderheads to the fact that these radical bastards want to KILL us….Got the picture!….This isn’t about Sean Hanitty, it’s about survival againt fanatical islamists who can’t wait to blow up the world and become martyrs….The Muslim Brotherhood has been around since 1926 and has been festering and recruiting since then…(I can only hope that younger educated Muslims will reject the great push that’s coming from the Muslim Brotherhood and the other thug organizations in the region)….The liberal lying news media will never show you the truth of what’s going on in the Middle-East…And the Arab media is the absolute pitts and just slants the news to suit their goals….(It’s called, Yellow Journalism)

    I spent a short time in the middle east, (Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Abu Daubai), in between 1962-63 and saw murder, cruelty to women and children from draconian horrible religious rules imposed on backward uneducated people….

    The US has backed despots, dictators and US made kings for the past 85 years…which spawned the Muslim Brotherhood…..And now….the world will pay because the only way these radicals will listen after they,(Shiites), take power, will be by the power of the sword…..(I wonder how long Europe will shutter in their liberal boots until they stand up to what’s coming)

    I also wonder how long the liberal US anti-american president and his henchmen in the Senate will weaken us before we all stand up and let us drill for more oil in Alaska and other (Land) places in the US and near the Artic Cirle…….

    Remember, it’s all related and the Middle-East is the focal point of what’s going to happen tomorrow and for year to come…….


  • LOL, Sparky is a picture-perfect example of the fascism that herds the sheeple under fear.

  • You’re totally right, Sparky. It is not about Sean Hannity, this post is about the lie that the Muslim Brotherhood, in particular, is the problem. The problem is that our government, in collusion with others, is too involved in other countries’ affairs. Our government, and its controlled media, distract us spectators from the our own country’s militaristic oppression and focus so conveniently on insane men like Ghadafi. They rely on the problems of the world as a diversion so that we continue our false sense of entitlement to divide and destroy the rest of the world. When you place primary focus on a particular group, like the Muslim Brotherhood, Masons, Catholics, Christians, etc., you are only diverting from the reality that our sense of entitlement to use force to “better the world” is the true problem. If you want to call people of the world “backward,” I would suggest looking in the mirror, Sparky.

    This is the OBJECTIVE TRUTH.

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