MEDIA FAIL: Bill O’Reilly & Foxnews Crew Attack Alex Jones, But Won’t Say His Name

4 Responses to MEDIA FAIL: Bill O’Reilly & Foxnews Crew Attack Alex Jones, But Won’t Say His Name

  • I’ll tell ya who’s dumb, it sure isn’t Alex Jones… that guy is very intelligent and he knows his history and he knows his stuff. Bill O’Reilly is dumb if you ask me.

  • Think about it. O’Reilly doesn’t report news at all. All he ever does is interview other interviewers, which is exactly what he is doing on this video. He continually interviews Glenn Beck to try to raise his ratings. He has two reporters, Steve Doocy and Martha McCallum, regularly quizzing them with stupid Jeopardy questions on his show. THIS IS A JOURNALIST?!…..

    The only thing I see here is this: People like Charlie Sheen (and Rosie O’Donnell for that matter), as crazy as they are, and I agree they are crazy, once in a blue moon come out with something intelligent, like saying that 9-11 was an inside job, and that there is more to the story than the government has been feeding us. And then automatically, someone like Alex Jones (whose show Sheen was on) gets fingered as guilty by association with Sheen.

    You knew that was coming. I said that the second Charlie Sheen started all this crap.

    I have been reading and listening to Alex Jones for years. Most of what he says I have proven to myself over the years as true. I have always wondered how he managed to come up with these stories before anyone else did. I don’t know. I don’t want to accuse. But you have to admit, others are copying his work and passing it off as their own. Glenn Beck is one of them.

    Now O’Reilly doesn’t even have the goolyoons to mention his name but just runs a video of a bunch of yentas wanting to stick to a gossip story on Sheen’s maniacal behavior instead of real topics that Jones wants to discuss.

    The only way mainstream media will let Alex Jones on tv is if they can discredit him. Otherwise he is censored. We see that here. He tries desperately to get something of value in edgewise and is immediately cutoff by these desperate Illuminati-controlled witches.

    The whole point of having Jones on The View in the first place was to discredit Jones. Not to get the dirt on Charlie Sheen.

    I am surprised at Alex Jones. He usually is too smart to let that happen. I think in this regard, he got desperate to have a small say on prime time television. He should’ve stayed in Texas and never took the bait.

  • Of course Jones is in the opinion of these half wit Monkeys on The View don’t want to hear the truth and they don’t want you to tell it either. How many times have you heard these cows bickering with each other about some mindless bap that means absolutely nothing to anyone with an intact mind. They wanted some shit to smear around regarding Charlie Sheen…and when Jones let them have just a microscopic sampling of some Real Truth the women acted just like the monkeys they are, see nothing, say nothing, hear nothing, and most important Think Nothing. What happend to a persons right to an opinion. The twits on The View are just a steering committe trying to steer you down the path of subserviant stupidity. I’m surprised you haven’t slapped your self out of the stuppor you were in when you watch that crap. Just as those idiots on Oreally’s show make comment about Jones… they couldn’t find their ass with both hands in the dark and their trying to steer a shriveling viewing audience further from the real truth, it’s no wonder this country is getting so F*****UP when people are watching these idiots. George Washington shoot me in the F****** head if this is what you thought this country was suppose to be about. Watching ghost’s on a tube that are idiots trying to make you an idiot.

  • If the women on THE VIEW wanted to stick to the subject of Charlie, Jones should have given them a mans logical opinion and simply asked those cows if they had seen the women Charlie has living at his house? Then simple deduction of facts such as Charlie’s drug test showing he was clean, leading to the only reasonable conclusion that Charlies been getting his brains F***** out. Charlie just needs a little appetite suppressant…now if he were to hang out with those cows on the view he would be a cured man in no time, he might even go monastic and they wouldn’t have s*** to talk about.

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