McCain Calls For U.S. Military Support To Ukraine


(FEDERALJACK)   On March 15, 2014, In Kiev, Sen. McCain called for the U.S. to provide long-term military assistance to Ukraine.

13 Responses to McCain Calls For U.S. Military Support To Ukraine

  • are you fucking kidding me man? this guy sabotaged the USS forrestal for the Zionists and then turned his nose at the USS Liberty to be Israel’s go-to sayanim whore.

    The military should wipe the blood off their sabers on this piece of garbage.

    fuck you McCain you asshole.

  • Mr Mc Cain,
    The audacity, that you have the nerve to actually show up and pretend, you have one iota of credibility , in order to ask us, the American people, not you sir, the American people to spill our childrens blood ,in order for you and your crony pals, can profit off of our losses, You sir, must get your gun,and take that ass hat Eric Prince with you, and you guys can grab Kissinger and the rest of you and do your dick comparing in the Ukraine, and leave the rest of us alone. Frankly sir if you cared about the safety of this country, you would lie down right were you are in the street and become a human speed bump, seriously do us all a favor and finally do something for the benefit of all mankind, and become a human speed bump. There is a place in hell, for people like you. May every cent you have made off the blood of our children haunt you and your blood sucking family, the misery your family and your wife families have cost us is staggering.

  • “John McCain, John McCain, Please return to your room; it’s time to change into your jammies and get ready for Tapioca & Bingo Night. You like Tapioca, don’t you?”

  • I wish PUTIN would smash McCain’s puss filled face in. PLEASE just DIE you worthless piece of shit.

  • Thank you good sir for sticking to promises made with the Budapest Memorandum. We convinced them to give up over 1,000 nukes for a security assurance. If we break that promise, how can we possibly ask any nation to not develop nuclear weapons, or to trust our word for that matter.

    I’m saddened to see so many people thinking about their pocketbooks with a, not in my back-yard not my problem attitude, while a fascist regime spreads it’s wings across eastern Europe again.

  • Long term military assistance?

    There will be no long term neither for the US or for you and your illgotten wealth!

    Repent from your evil deeds before it is too late, which may be sooner than you think!

  • The more that I see and hear from that warmongering SOB, the more that I think he should be removed from office.

  • McCain is obviously a very corrupt, very mentally ill person, needs to be immediately removed from the Senate. Even Arizona Republicans have had it with him.

    Lyndsey Graham is also very corrupt, very ill, perhaps blackmail does that to a person, I do not know.

    Nuland, Cohen-Kerry, Obama, all those fomenting assassinations, violence, bloodshed, this ALL MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR.

    You see: an organization takes it’s “lead”, it’s “direction”, it’s “mood”, it’s general sense of fairness, from the leadership. A country is no different.

    When America can see, and we do, that our “leaders” ignore the laws unless it suits them, ignores the will of the people, allows lawless fraud in the financial system to go unpunished and uses strong-arm tactics to violently overthrow democratically-elected governments?

    They teach those exact same “values” to those that used to see them as “leaders”, “role-models”….and soon, those people will realize: we can do anyway with these scumbags like the Ukrainian Crimeans just did to the Nuland-“Yats” Zionist attempt to take over Crimea.

    Clue people: How do you think these “Zionists” gain control of these huge industrial empires? “Wise Choices”??? Bwahahaha: The US FED FUNNELS THESE JEWS CASH TO TAKEOVER.

    Proof? That “limited audit” of the Fed 3-4 years ago…”odd” how many Jewish benefactors there were of the loans provided INCLUDING BUYING NFL TEAMS. (Blankfeins’ WIFE got a $21 million “loan” with NO OBLIGATION TO REPAY IT, NONE)

    Any wonder why every damn NFL game we get INUNDATED WITH DOD PROPAGANDA??? OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA.



  • These leaching dc pricks & dicks need a comfortis to scrape them off the host, the host that breeds and feeds such wasted vessels of packed rancid feces…

  • Yes! Get down you stinking speed bumps! Wait, speed bumps is a bit nice for these bottom barrel shit scrapings…how about scrubbers in the stacks at fluoride collecting facilities?

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