Mayor: Tar balls wash onto Alabama beach as Tropical Storm Lee passes through

(WLS)    A mayor in coastal Alabama says small tar balls are washing onto the state’s prime tourist beaches because of the heavy surf kicked up by Tropical Storm Lee.

Tony Kennon, the mayor of Orange Beach, Ala., said Tuesday that the tar balls reported so far are very small. He says officials with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management are already on the beach trying to assess the situation.

It is not clear where the tar balls came from. Kennon said this was the heaviest surf seen in the area since last year’s Gulf oil spill.

Oil from the 2010 BP spill washed ashore and fouled Gulf Coast beaches that are popular tourist destinations.

BP officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

5 Responses to Mayor: Tar balls wash onto Alabama beach as Tropical Storm Lee passes through

  • “it is not clear where the tar balls came from” LMAO what?! really?

  • Last Tuesday, Louisiana scientists flew over the Gulf and saw an active oil
    track ten miles long. The oil gusher was never fixed. The thugs just kept
    spraying corexit to provide a cover-up. Still do not know why this BP
    garbage/sludge ceo’s are not in prison or hanging-high.

  • Memo to Mayor Kennon: Those tar balls are the result of the storm kicking up the Corexit saturated(and highly toxic)sludge that BP so desperately tried to keep sunk in the Gulf. And BTW, the well is still leaking.

  • The oil well can never be repaired, nor stopped by Humanity’s technology. At 100,000 PSI within the well head, it was literally impossible to even come close to even slow down the oil volcano. More than likely it’s still spewing just as much as day one. The only way that oil volcano will stop is when the ocean floor collapses into the former oil/natural gas resevoir. When that happens finally… that’s when EVERY coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico included, will be hit by a very tall and powerful tsumini. Talk about being washed up for sure.

  • For those of you just now starting to awaken to what is really happening. I will tell you from spending most of my life researching. it will stretch your mind at times to near nut house once you fully understand what and how many things are going on in plain sight of the worlds public and how insane the hidden powers are in their arrogance and blind confidence the public will never wake up even though it is happening right in front of their eyes they cannot see it it is a interesting observation here
    most of the world are trained to be blind to what the hidden ones are doing
    the hidden ones are arrogantly blind to acknowledge human kind is waking up and can see hear and understand .

    we are winning the information war we are winning the war for control of the humankind minds
    we will also win the war on other fronts also. like what is really happening in space
    who president eisnhower really signed that off world negotiations with
    who is the present 9 regions of the u.s.a inside elected Governors
    who is to gain the most by the supposedly accidental multiple oil rig gulf disasters which by the way in real life time line is still yet leaking oils

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